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Minister for Police Hon David Elliot and President Hasan Gencturk

MUSIAD Sydney Members’ Iftar Dinner at the Waterview, Sydney Olympic Park
(Coverage by; Sayda Fareeha, Deputy Editor Sada-e-Watan Sydney)

On Monday, 3rd May 2021, MUSIAD Sydney Members’ Iftar dinner was held at the Waterview, Sydney Olympic Park. The Iftar Dinner featured an eminent line up of VIP dignitaries, including His Excellency Korhan Karakoc, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey; Mr. Ali Sevim, Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Sydney, Hon Philip Ruddock, President of Liberal Party's NSW division and Hon David Elliot, New South Wales Minister for Police and Emergency Services and other dignitaries.

Turkish Ambassador and CG Pakistan

MUSIAD Sydney is ever so pleased to host this amazing evening that brought all our members together in a month full of blessings, mercy and grace.The Management committee thanks to Sponsors Ausrelief, TLC, MayeFoodz, CareerDc, Honeycube, Gozleme King, Turkish News Press and everyone for joining and sharing this special evening with other guests.

Mr. Hasan Gencturk is President of MUSIAD. He is well known personality and Currently Managing Director of Revive Techs. Chairman at MCK Lawyers, Chairman of Asia Pacific Ventures & the CEO of Easy Boating International. Sada e Watan Sydney gets transcript speech of the President Mr. Hasan Gencturk. He starts his speech and said;

Speech of the President Mr. Hasan Gencturk

Mr. Hasan Gencturk is President of MUSIAD

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests,
I would like to acknowledge that we are here today on the land of the Darug people. The Darug people are the traditional custodians of this land.
We have lots of VIP’s to acknowledge tonight Please forgive me if I pronounce some names incorrectly
*The Hon. David Elliot, New South Wales Minister for Police and Emergency Services
*His Excellency Korhan Karakoc, Ambassador for the Republic of Turkey in Australia
*Hon. Senator Tim Ayres,(Federal, ALP) Chair of Finance and Public Administration References Committee
*Hon Philip Ruddock, President of NSW Division - Liberal Party and Mayor of Hornsby Council
*Hon.Julia Owens, Federal Labour MP Parramatta , Co-chair of 46th Parliament and Parliamentary Friends of Turkey Group
*The Hon Senator Mick Veitch, Shadow Minister for Industry and Trade, Shadow Minister for Western NSW
*The Hon. Scott Farlow MLC, Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer and for COVID Recovery
*Hon. Julia Finn MP, Shadow Minister for Consumer Protection, and Shadow Minister for Careers
*Stephen Dametto, Commander of Counter Terrorism for the AFP
*Omer Incekara, Multicultural NSW Advisory Board Member
*Muhammad Ashraf, Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
*Igor ARZHAEV, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Sydney
*Khandker Masudul Alam, Consul General of Bangladesh in Sydney
*KARTINI TAJUL URUS, Consul General of Malaysia in Sydney
*Lakshman Hulugalle, Consul General of Sri Lanka in Sydney
*Ashfaq Hossain, Vice Consul of Bangladesh
*Selcuk Bozok, Commercial Attaché of the Republic of Turkey in Sydney
*Bilal Aksoy, Social Affairs Attaché of the Republic of Turkey in Sydney
*Fatmah Ahmad, Consul Investment/Director of Malaysia
*Mr. Abdul Raheem, Commercial Attaché of Sri Lanka
*Antoine Doueihi, Mayor of Strathfield
*Laurie Ferguson Former MP-Labor
*George Zakhia, Councillor for Canterbury Bankstown
*Tom Zreika, Councillor in Cumberland
*Sera Yilmaz, Councillor in Fairfield
*Reena Jethi, Councillor in the Hills Shire
*Oz Guney, Blaxland Federal Liberal Candidate
*Mohammad Zaman, President Liberal Party Lakemba Branch
*Dr Frank Alafaci, President of Australian Business Summit Council INC
*Mohamed Hage, NSW State Chairman of the Australian Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry
*Mohammad Asif, President of Pakistan Chamber of Trade Commerce and Industry
*Dough Grant, General Manager @AMCHAM(American Chamber of Commerce)
*Wally Mehanna,CEO, Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce
*Di Robinson, Chair of NSW Australia Indonesia Business Council
*Jack Hajjar, Australian Trade and Investment commission (Austrade)
*Asif Kawnine, Chairperson for Australian Bangladesh Business Council
*Erhan Akdeniz, Young Musiad Sydney President
*My Mum and Dad Aydin and Erdal on Table 11 Also my Lovely wife Fatma
*Musiad Members,
*Members of Press,
*Ladies and Gentleman,

It is an absolute blessing and honour for MUSIAD Sydney to have such a vibrant, creative and innovative group of entrepreneurs as part of the MUSIAD Sydney family. This blessing is magnified when such members and guests come together in a month of Ramadan full of blessings, mercy and grace, reminding us of the importance of care, consideration and empathy for one another. We fast together, break our fast together and pray for prosperity together.

Some of our guests may not be aware of the vision and mission of MUSIAD. It is an organization that was founded on the belief that business entrepreneurs can not only build business opportunities for one another but ensure they play a role establishing human rights, equality, peace, security, & social welfare programs. The industrialists’ and business people Association (MUSIAD) was founded in 1990 and has been assisting in areas related to social, political, technological & scientific endeavours through collaboration and solidarity.

MUSIAD is an organization that has over 300 offices across 94 countries, including offices in Sydney and Melbourne with more branches openeing in Queensland, Western Australia and Adelaide. It has over 60,000 member Businesses employing close to 2 million workers.

If an Australian member of MUSIAD is looking for a reliable distributor of their products in the US, we can connect them with a MUSIAD member, or their affiliates, in the U.S.
MUSIAD is a family, it is a home for ethically oriented business experts, it is a knowledge-sharing portal. We are here to help each other reach greater heights and greater levels of prosperity.
This is what makes MUSIAD unique.

We strive to empower Australian companies with Turkey’s work culture, expertise and capabilities and vice versa. This is a time when we need to realize the importance of diversification, innovation, sustainability and export/import markets.

Ladies and Gentlemen, distinguished Guests,
2020 was a challenging year, and we don’t know what 2021 has in store for us.
COVID-19 does not appear to be going away anytime soon.
We, as business people, had to adapt ever so quickly to the new norms that emerged because of COVID19 but we need to continue to make plans for the future, in a dynamic yet cautious way. We don’t know for sure, if the vaccines will provide a solution that would open up our borders to the movement of people.

MUSIAD recently made a submission to a parliamentary inquiry, which highlighted the advantages of Turkey’s geographic location as an export hub for Australian businesses to a market far larger than China, and its capabilities as a partner in manufacturing, with higher quality products than its Asian competitors.

MUSIAD will use the knowledge, expertise and know-how of the thousands of members at its disposal to come up with business strategies that have a resilience against the turbulent times ahead. Tapping into the knowledge of tens of thousands of experienced business experts will more readily allow such strategies to be formulated.
We have a huge potential, and we will prosper with collaboration and working together.

I would like to Thank all our Generous sponsors for making tonight possible.
Looking forward to seeing you all and getting to know you better at similar gatherings in the future again,
Welcome to our Iftar
Thank you for listening to me.

H.E.Korhan Karakoc talking to CG Pakistan Muhammad Ashraf

Minister for Police Hon David Elliot and President Hasan Gencturk

Hon Philip Ruddock, President of NSW Division - Liberal Party and Mayor of Hornsby Council

Mr. Hasan Gencturk is President of MUSIAD

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