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Multicultural Sydney Eid Al Adha 2019 Festival held for 2 days at the Paul Keating Park Bankstown Sydney

The Islamic Charitable projects Association (ICPA) hosted the Multicultural Sydney Eid Festival (SEF) on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, on Saturday and Sunday, 17-18 August 2019 at Paul Keating Park - Bankstown Sydney. The festival was attended by the President of the ICPA Mr Mohammad Mehio, Professor sheikh Salim Alwan Al Hussainyy – Chairman of Darulfatwa, the Islamic High Council of Australia, The Hon. David Coleman: MP Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs, Hon. Jodi McKay: MP NSW Opposition Leader and Shadow Minister for Multiculturalism, Hon. Tania Mihailuk MP Local Member for Bankstown, Hon. Jihad Dib: MP Shadow Minister for Skills and TAFE, Shadow Minister for Youth, Shadow Minister for Juvenile Justice, Shadow Minister for Assisting on Multiculturalism, Hon. Paul Lynch: MP Member for Liverpool, Shadow Attorney General, Hon. Lynda Voltz: MP Member for Auburn, Shadow Minister for Police and Counter Terrorism, Shadow Minister for Sport and Recreation, Hon. Wendy Lindsay-MP Member for East Hills representing Hon John Sidoti Minister for Multiculturalism, His Excellency Mr Milad Raad – Ambassador for Lebanon, His Excellency Dr Ali Kraishan – Ambassador for Jordan, Mr Bilal Aksoy representing Mr Melih Karalar Consul General of Turkey, Councillor Bilal Hayek representing the Mayor of Bankstown City Khal Asfour, Bankstown Councillor George Zakhia, Community leaders, distinguished Sheikhs, Imams, a numerous organisations and media.

Hajj Mohammad Mehio (President)

The festivals official ceremony was opened by the President of the ICPA - Hajj Mohammad Mehio with a speech congratulating Muslims on this great occasion, asking Allah the Almighty to bestow this occasion again upon all with goodness and blessings. In his speech Mr Mehio spoke about the role of the ICPA stating “The ICPA is not just your day to day welfare association. It is also an association with a message, it has taken it upon itself to teach the pure teachings of Islam, and one need not say moderate when you say Islam; because if one has the characteristics of a righteous Muslim he would be following the beautiful teachings of his prophet, who warned of being on the extreme. He said avoid being extreme, extremism has destroyed nations before yours”.

Dr. Sheikh Salim Alwan

His Eminence Dr. Sheikh Salim Alwan, Chairman of Darulfatwa the Islamic High Council of Australia delivered a speech also congratulating all Muslims locally and abroad on the occasion of Eid Al Adha. His Eminence spoke about the pioneering role of Darulfatwa in spreading moderation and denouncing despicable violence and extremism. He also reminded attendees on their role in raising our younger generation and guiding them to be active and conscientious members of the community whilst upholding the moderate and correct ideologies. He added, “regardless of the tribulations and injustice that continue to occur around the world, this will lead us to further adhering to our glorious religion that calls for justice and moderation”.

Hon. David Coleman (Federal Minister)

This was followed the words of politicians and community leaders. The Federal Minister for Immigration, Citizenship Hon. David Coleman MP, spoke about the important work the ICPA continues to do in our community, including Scouting, kids Club, Band and many social support services. He also highlighted that the Sydney Eid Festival is a terrific event that demonstrates the strength of our multicultural society.

His Excellency Mr Milad Raad

Travelling to attend this Event from the nations’ capital Canberra, His Excellency Mr Milad Raad – Ambassador for Lebanon expressed his Eid greeting to all attendees and his joy in attending the occasion which has become a universal event that denotes believe and sacrifice.

His Excellency Dr Ali Kraishan

His Excellency Dr Ali Kraishan – Ambassador for Jordan also expressed his honour in attending the Eid Al Adha celebration amongst such diversity in Australia. The Sydney Eid Festival represents the idea of multiculturalism and contributes to making Australia an exemplar nation of “multiculturalism”. He reminded the community to be a part of this build in Australia. Attending her first event as the leader of the NSW Opposition Hon.Jodi McKay also took to the stage and thanked the ICPA for holding this event and their ‘reach’ of good will into the community and expressed her appreciation for Professor Sheikh Salim Alwan’s words of peace and wisdom. The comprehensive list of VIP attendees also conveyed their best wishes for this occasion and honour to be present at the event.

The festival was held over two consecutive days and was filled with joy and included chanting by the ICPA chanting band, congregational prayers, short religious lessons and numerous activities organised by the 5th Bankstown Scouts and Liverpool Scout groups. Families and children were also entertained with various rides, food and shopping stalls. The event concluded with prize giveaways handed out to the winners of the Hajj season programs broadcasted on the Muslim Community Radio 92.1FM - Sydney.

Dr Rafic Hussein 2mfm President

Hon. Jihad Dib,MP

Hon. Paul Lynch, MP

Mrs Faten Dana OAM

Hon.Wendy Lindsay, MP

Hon. Jodi McKay,MP

Hon. Lynda Voltz, MP

Hon. Tania Mihailuk, MP

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