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Prof Nicole Brigg and H.E. Babar Amin

The Pro Vice-Chancellor International Macquarie University, Nicole Brigg called on the High Commissioner for Pakistan Babar Amin

On Wednesday, 27th Feb 2019, the Pro Vice-Chancellor of International Macquarie University, Prof Nicole Brigg called on Mr. Babar Amin, the High Commissioner for Pakistan in his office Canberra.

The High Commissioner Babar Amin lauded the commendable academic cooperation that exists between Pakistan and Australia and especially with Macquarie University. He added that Pakistan and Australia have developed a long-term partnership in higher education which provides an excellent opportunity for collaboration in research and short and long-term training programmes for capacity building.

The High Commissioner H.E. Mr. Babar Amin further informed that Pakistan has over 13,000 students studying in Australia including Higher Education Commission (HEC) scholars and Australian Award recipients. These students have been contributing to the progress of Australia and Pakistan in a tremendous way and are a significant link between the two countries. He encouraged the Vice-Chancellor to start the student exchange programme with leading universities in Pakistan.

Expressing interest in Macquarie University’s counter terrorism and capacity building courses for police force, the High Commissioner for Pakistan Mr Babar Amin stated this would be another area of future collaboration. The police force and counter-terrorism forces in Pakistan were doing a lot to curb terrorism and menace of money laundering and terror financing. The two sides can share their experiences and can learn from each other.

The Pro Vice-Chancellor Nicole Brigg briefed about different aspects of research and education at the University’s campus. She said that there are ample joint research opportunities with Pakistan in different fields and that her University would like to build long-term relations with different universities in Pakistan for the common benefit. She added that during her forthcoming visit to Pakistan, she would focus on exploring the possibility of joint research and collaboration with medical colleges in Pakistan and also initiating the students’ exchange programme with universities in Pakistan.

The Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof Nicole Brigg remarked that Pakistan has an excellent profile of quality of students studying in Australia and that the Macquarie University would like to contribute to and build upon the Colombo Plan as well. She assured the High Commissioner to work further on running short-courses for the public servants from Pakistan in the fields of counter-terrorism and capacity building of the police force.

The Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof Nicole Brigg invited the High Commissioner H.E. Mr. Babar Amin to visit the University at his convenience which the High Commissioner accepted with thanks.

Canberra:  Pro Vice-Chancellor Macquarie University Prof Nicole Brigg meeting with High Commissioner Babar Amin

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