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The Hon. Senator Dr Mehreen Faruqi and Hon. Jodi Mckay MP will be Chief Guest of the Mothers Day Event in Sydney on Saturday 27 April 2019

*Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled, they are the ones who never GAVE UP despite the struggles.*

We are Organizing Mother's day event to pay tribute to those mothers who have struggled a lot to raise their children in such busy country and now they are at good positions because of their Mother's struggle.


For All our loving Friends & Mothers our proud *Hon. Senator Mehreen Faruqi (From Greens) & Member of Parliament Hon. Jodi Mckay (From Labor Party)* is also joining us on Mother's day event. *Maa Tujhay Salam*
You will be given a chance to speak to them and ask questions
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If you know anyone in your surroundings who you think is best for this award nominate her. She will be given a chance to share her story with everyone.
We will ask experienced mothers to guide new mothers; how to achieve the best for yourself and your family. New mothers will also give a chance to share their problems and ask for solutions. Experts i.e Lawyers,Doctors,Social Workers would be there to help you.

*Abraham Lincoln once said in an interview, “All that I am and hope to be, I owe to my angel mother”.*
However, sometimes we observe that motherhood becomes a least rewarding and is taken for granted by almost everyone. Keeping this unfortunate fact in view,
Pehchan 786 will be celebrating Mother’s Day MAA TUJHAY SALAM at *12.30pm on Sat 27th April2019 at Werrington Neighborhood Centre*

To honour the remarkable contribution of a mother in our life, we are going to arrange a Poetry Competition to depict love, care, compassion and sacrifice etc. of a mother for her whole family.
Our expert jury will select three best poems and winners will get *prizes and gift hampers*. The winners will also be interviewed later.

*Lavish Lunch will be Served*

Please Get ready, be heard and become popular. We shall be looking forward to your active participation in this event to pay our tributes to our mothers who have made us what we are today.

Dear Women it's time to tribute you mothers. Show your motivation.

Please RSVP Shafaq Jaffery; 0415 724 571 - Sabiha; 0431 148 430

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