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Ashraf Shad

Art-On-Sydney Launched in Australia and Pakistan

A new Australian art Company is established by writer/journalist Ashraf Shad and artist/businessman Shahid Malik. The company was simultaneously launched in Karachi and Sydney and is credited to organise a first-ever show of classical dancing in Australia by a Pakistani artist.

Abdul Majid Yousfani

The launching ceremony was held on Thursday, 25th January 2018, at Desi Lounge Sydney was attended by the prominent personalities of Pakistani community including Mr Abdul Majid Yousfani, the Pakistan Consul General in Sydney who welcome the new establishment and hoped that Art On will be successful in promoting Pakistani art and artists in Australia.
Shahid Malik and Ashraf Shad spoke on the occasion and articulated the aims and the future plans of ART ON SYDNEY.

Shahid Malik

“We will promote Pakistani and South-Asian art and artists in Australia,” said Shahid Malik and announced his plans to organise several exhibitions of Pakistani and local Australian artists this year. “Our first exhibition will be on calligraphic art and the work of many Pakistani and local artists will be displayed during 12 May exhibition,” revealed Mr Malik.
Ashraf Shad told the guests that Art On will focus on such form of art that are usually ignored because they were commercially not viable.

“The art should not be seen only in terms of profit and loss. Art On will take this challenge and will promote such form of art and artists who have no takers in Australia due to the fear of making losses,” said Ashraf Shad, adding that he has full confidence in the art-loving Pakistani community who he thought will support the new ventures of Art On.
The ART ON SYDNEY was earlier launched in Karachi in December last year at the posh Beach Luxury Hotel and got a good coverage in the Pakistani media.


Art-On-Sydney Launched in Pakistan

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