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 Urdu International Australia Succesful 5th Universal Mushaira in Sydney
(Exclusive Coverage by: Syed Zafar Hussain Editor-in-Chief Sada-e-Watan Sydney)

The Urdu International Australia organized its 5th Annual Mushaira in Sydney on Saturday 25 November, 2017. Renowned poets from Pakistan along with local poets

Kishwar Naheed

participated in the Mushaira and large number of classy audience attended the event. The guest poets included (from Pakistan) Kishwar Naheed,

Dr Asim Wasti

Dr Asim Wasti, 

Hasnain Haider Jaleesi

Hasnain Haider Jaleesi,

Prof Rais Alvi

Prof Mohammad Rais Alvi,

Sabeen Saif

Sabeen Saif, enthralled the audience for 5 long hours. Huma Mirza was MC of the event.The Consul General of Pakistan in Sydney Mr Abdul Majid Yousfani presented shields to the guest poets and

Ashraf Shad

 appreciated literary services of Ashraf Shad &Urdu International Australia.

Poets from Australia included: Ashraf Shad, Dr Shabbir Haider, Arif Sadiq, Dr Baqar Raza, Kaneez Fatima Kiran, Huma Mirza, Farhat Iqbal, Dr Yasmeen Shad, Farogh Zaidi, Mohammed Ali Bukhari, Dr Yasmeen Zaidi, Shuja Atif, Farida Lakhani, Nasim Haider, Tauqir Hasnain,Javed Nazar, Musaddaq Lakhani, Tahmina Rao & Rehan Alavi.

The organizing team of the Urdu International Australia thanked to all those who attended the 5th Annual Mushaira in Sydney. It was good effort under the banner of Urdu International Australia, keeping their traditions intact by organizing a wonderful event which will be remembered by Sydney audience for many years.

Mohammed Ali Bukhari

Huma Mirza

Syed Nasim Haider

Dr Yasmeen Zaidi

Tahmina Rao

Farhat Iqbal

Rehan Alavi

Dr Yasmeen Shad

Dr Shabbir Haider

Kaneez Fatima

Musaddaq Lakhani

Dr Baqar Raza

Sadiq Arif

Prof Rais Alvi & Kishwar Naheed

Welcome Reception of Urdu International Australia

Kishwar Naheed and Dr Asim Wasti

Uzma Gillani and Kishwar Naheed ( Photo for Sada e Watan)

Sabeen Saif, Kaneez Fatima Kiran and Pak Diplomat Bushra Salam

Consul General Yousfani Presenting UIA Shield

Rabia Lodhi, Bushra Salam, Ahmad Reza, Syed Zafar Hussain and Azam Mohammed


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