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AMU Alumni of Australia elected the New Executive Council for the year 2016-2018

On behalf of AMU alumni of Australia, I would like to inform that the new AMU Alumni of Australia Executive Committee has been elected in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Sunday, 24 July 2016 at BILL LOVELEE YOUTH CENTRE, Chester Hill NSW 2162. I would like to thank all the Alumni members who attended by giving their valuable time on this occasion.

Our newly elected EXCO team will continue making efforts towards the achievements of AMU Alumni of Australia’s objective as education (Noble Cause). Your love, support, and prayers have encouraged continually since last numerous years.Your continuous support will be highly appreciated. Please come and support our events in the oncoming year. Many thanks to the outgoing committee and their work during the year 2014-2016.MR. Zia Ahmad (Presiding Officer) announced the new members of EXECUTIVE COUNCIL for the year 2016-2018 as listed below.

President: Mr. Zamir Khan, Vice President: Mr. Khursheed Anwar, Secretary: Mr. Siraj Akhtar
Joint Secretary: Mr. Ibadur Rehman, Treasurer: Mr. Arif Qureshi,Joint Treasurer: Mohammad Samiruddin
Member of the Exective: Mr. Syed Hamid Ali,Dr. Samiuddin Syed,Dr. Azhar Nomani,Mr. Faiz Ahmad,
Mrs. Saba Rasheed,Mr. Aal-E-Ali,Mr. Riyaz Akhtar,Mr. Syed Riyazuddin,Mr. Fasiuddin Khan,Dr. Shaqeeb S Mohammad
Trustees: Mr. Kamil Kazmi,Mr. Shahid Rasheed,Mrs. Ayesha Ahmad.


Khursheed Anwar
AMU Alumni of Australia, Sydney

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