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H.E. Mr Babar Amin (High Commissioner)

Message from H.E. Mr. Babar Amin
High Commissioner for Pakistan
(Canberra, 14 August 2018)
On the 72nd Independence Day of Pakistan

On the auspicious occasion of the 72nd Independence Day of Pakistan, it is with great pride and joy that I convey warm greetings to my fellow Pakistanis in Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.
This day reminds us of the enormous sacrifices made by our illustrious forefathers to secure an independent homeland so that we and our future generations could enjoy the blessings and bounties of freedom. In rejoicing this day, we pay our respect to the contributions of our heroes and common people who had made valuable contributions to the freedom struggle.

We mark this occasion to express our heartiest gratitude to the Almighty Allah for bestowing His countless bounties on us as an independent and free nation and seek His blessings in our positive endeavors to achieve progress, welfare and prosperity for our people.

This year, Independence Day has an added significance for us as it coincides with the culmination of another successful transition of power in the country through the democratic process. At this important juncture, we need to support our country’s democratic strides in fortifying its developmental agenda to bring about improvement in the lives of its people and overcoming the confronted challenges.

Overseas Pakistanis are and always have been an asset and a source of strength for the country. The significant contributions made by the Pakistani community members to the countries of their residence, in numerous fields, have brought good name to their motherland. We trust that our expatriate community will further brighten Pakistan’s image abroad as law abiding citizens with respect for cultural diversity and the continued positive role in the development of the countries of their naturalization. Our diaspora’s significant direct contribution to the growth, development and advancement of Pakistan is also a well acknowledged fact.

On this Independence Day, let all Pakistanis, whether at home or abroad renew our pledge to better realise our societal and economic developmental objectives by instilling harmony and setting aside divisive issues. In this effort we shall be guided by the golden motto of “Unity, Faith and Discipline” given to us by our founding father Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.
May Allah (SWT) be our Savior and Guide. Ameen
Pakistan Paindabad!

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