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Premier Honourable Mike Baird MP

Premier of New South Wales Honourable Mike Baird hosted a Iftar Dinner 2015 at the Parliament House
(Coverage by: Syed Zafar Hussain Shah and Warren Duncan)

In celebration of Interfaith Harmony, an Iftar Dinner hosted by The Honourable Mike Baird MP Premier of NSW, took place at Parliament House on Monday 22nd June, 2015.

Member for Parramatta and Parliamentary Secretary Dr Geoff Lee was Master of Ceremonies. Hon. John Ajaka, Minister for Ageing, Disability Services and Multiculturalism appreciated Premier Hon. Mike Baird for continuing the tradition of an annual Iftar dinner and said Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian communities live together peacefully in Multicultural New South Wales. Minister John Ajaka said on a Government Level, encouragement is given towards inter-cultural and inter-faith activities that help bring diverse groups of people together.

 Minister John Ajaka, Minister Victor Dominello and Premier Mike Baird

Hon. Victor Dominello, Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, Hon. David Elliott, Minister for Emergency Services, Veterans Affairs and Corrections, Members of Parliament, Selected Media Personalities, Commissioners of Government agencies, Students from Schools & Universities, Religious Scholars & Community Leaders from diverse ethnic backgrounds were invited to the Iftar dinner. At the Iftar, there were not only leaders from the Muslim Community but also leaders from other faiths as well as politicians of Labor, Liberals and the Greens. There were more than 300 dignitaries who attended the Iftar at NSW Parliament House Strangers Room.

Premier Mike Baird said: “It is an honour to host an Iftar dinner – the breaking of the fast – with members of the NSW community who are observing Ramadan. Ramadan holds special significance in the life of Muslim Australians. It is a time of spiritual reflection and asks members of the Islamic faith to fast between sunrise and sunset. The focus and reflective nature of Ramadan supports our way of life, and is a timely reminder of the values we all share, including kindness, honesty, family and charity."

Premier Mike Baird holding Syed Zafar Hussain hand to show Pak- Aust Friendship

"These are values that contribute to the strength of our Multifaith, and Multicultural State, which the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government supports. I’d like to wish everyone observing the holy month, Ramadan Mubarak,” Hon. Mike Baird said.

The Premier Hon. Mike Baird, MP

Minister Hon. John Ajaka

Dr. Geoff Lee, MP

Minister John Ajaka and Premier Mike Baird

Minister John Ajaka, Minister Victor Dominello and Premier Mike Baird

Syed Zafar Hussain and Premier Mike Baird

Mr. Shahid Iqbal and Premier Mike Baird

Mr. Kashif Amjad and Premier Mike Baird

Mr. Warren Duncan and Premier Mike Baird

Samier Dandan and Premier Mike Baird

Minister Victor Dominello and Syed Zafar Hussain

Noor Ahmad, Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane and Rana Rashid

Head of SBS Bangla Service and Mr. Rehan Alavi

The Chief Executive Officer of Multicultural NSW, Hakan Harman with guests


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