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Former PM of Australia Bob Hawke speaking at dinner

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke was Chief Guest at the Fund Raiser Dinner at Blacktown Sydney

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke Chief Guest at fund raiser organised by Michelle Rowland and Sub Continent Friends of Labor at the Spoons Function Centre, Blacktown Sydney.

It was a sell out function with about 200 people attending.

Harish Velji the Chairperson of the Sub Continent Friends of Labor welcome the guests and in his speech mentioned How the Former Prime Minister in his previous incarnation as the Secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions used to visit Fiji and help the union movements there.

He also in his speech outlined why Michelle Rowland need to be re - elected.

Hon Bob Hawke outlined historically it has been Labor that people have called upon and relied upon for better management of the country.

He busted the myth that the Liberal Party are the better at managing economy.

He urged each one present to speak to 25 people from now to the election day to give message on why the Labor Party has to be retuned.


Former Premier of NSW, MC of the Evening Nathan Rees MP

Harish Velji, Pride of Australian Sub Continent Community

Federal Member of Parliament Hon. Michelle Rowland

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke

Mr. Singh, MD of the Spoons Function Centre Blacktown Sydney


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