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Ramadan Diary about Campbelltown Masjid

Children/Youth Ramadan Engagement Programme

In year 2008, IFAM Campbelltown Unit started a Ramadan Diary programme for Kids/ Children social and religious engagement which became very popular. This year (2014), it has been continued with even greater preparation and achieved quite a success so far. The excited part of this year programme that it was run in Saarban Campbelltown Masjid. It is good to read a bit of history about Saarban Campbelltown Masjid.

IFAM (Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims) has been formed to provide Muslims in Australia to establish the way of Islam in all spheres of life. To carry this objective, 3 years ago they established Saarban Islamic trust which whole purpose was to establish Masajid. Firstly they established Saarban Bankstown Masjid in Bankstown CBD. After 2 years, Allah gave opportunity to buy a church in Leumeah to revert it back as Saarban Islamic Trust. This is First Ramadan in Cambpelltown Masjid which is very exciting for any Masjid.

Ramadan Diary Programme

Most of the time, Ramadan Diary is about 6 week programme which started 1 week before Ramadan and concludes at Eid get together. This year was the same.

Welcome to Ramadan and Launch of Ramadan Diary Programme

■ It started with Istaqbal -e- Ramadan session which happened week before Ramdaan (see the invitation in attachment section below). Where kids were invited and they did some performances such Tawalat, Naat and other activities. Then Shaikh Luoay Abdulbaki gave a talk about Ramadan and its benefits. At the end Ramadan Diary was distributed among kids (see the attachement). Which is basically a Ramadan Planner to be filled and bring back later. BBQ was offered to attendees.
4 Weeks | Weekly Ramadan Diary Programme
■ In Ramadan, for last 3 every Saturday at Duhar time, Youth / Children come with parents to participate. After Salat tul Duhar, they sit in circle in Pray hall and do many activities using Masjid
● Firstly kids/ children/ Youth handed in their Ramadan Diary page to diary incharge who marks their effort for Imsaak, Fast & Prayer record and note down the Hasnat they earned.
● After that different kids were called on stage to perform different activities as they had mentioned in Ramadan Diary page including Recitation of Quran, Naat, Nasheed, Role Play, Speech and Acts.
● Quran Quiz is conducted every week to educate participants about Quran.
● Also Adhan competition was conducted to encourage youth to lead in Salat activities.
● Formal part of programme finished with Iftar at Adhan-e-Maghrab.
● Dinner was served after Maghrab Prayer.
■ Same tradition was continued for last four Saturdays.
Reward Day: Families Eid Get Together
■ After or on Eid day, this programme will be concluded with Eid Families’ Party which will be basically will be informal get together where families will reward their kids' efforts which they did in learning their social and religious knowledge. In this event, families can expect:
● Kids best performances what they learnt during Ramadan
● Kids competition including different Games & Quiz
● Traditional "Eidy" will be distributed.
● Ramadaan Diary Winners will be announced.
● Best Ramdaan Performances will be announced.
● This 7 weeks Programm will be concluded with Dua to Allah Taullah to help us raise our children in a better manner.

• Past Ramadan Diary History Is available at
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