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Auction of Commercial plots by Capital Development Authority (CDA) at very lucrative locations in Islamabad
{News to Sada-e-Watan by Mr. Abdul Aziz Uqaili,Consul General of Pakistan Sydney}

Capital Development Authority has planned an Auction of Commercial Plots on July 16 & 17, 2013 at Convention Centre, Islamabad.  These properties include commercial sites for construction of Multi-storey commercial plaza, apartment buildings, and shopping centers in the commercial hub of the capital city. Exact details along with building specifications are available on CDA web site

It is felt that Pakistani diaspora living abroad is very keen to invest in the home country but due to lack of coordination and want of appropriate information they could not avail investment opportunities at the right time. In certain cases the expatriates contact the property dealers who swindle innocent investors for their own petty gains. It is requested to kindly inform prospective investors about this opportunity through your official links and through different for a of builders, real estate, architects and developers associations.  Brief feature of Plots offered are as under:


a.    The Markaz of Sector I-12 has many peculiarities its strategic location at the junction of twin cities i.e. Rawalpindi and Islamabad makes it more important as the drive time from Saddar Rawalpindi the old hub of trade and activity in the whole region is just 8 minutes with improved road network recently deployed in Rawalpindi. 

b.   The design theme of the Markaz I-12 to make it Twin-city Saddar Market, the Down Town Islamabad has been suggested due to its location at gateway and the centrality in twin city future expansions. All the regions of Pakistan have been represented in the design theme as four major commercial blocks are planned identifying the four provinces of the country with 5th block of Gilgit Baltistaan having Kashmir Mall.

c.    All the blocks are connected with Capital Food Street a total Pedestrian region. The Food street and landscape parking is ornamented by sculptures of the particular region associated with the respective block. The Markaz also has a unique experience of introducing complete pedestrian’s region in Islamabad by introducing about a kilometer long food street.

d.   Technically, care has been taken to avoid traffic conflicts and provision of better circulation with exclusive in out arrangement of each block. Intrusion of traffic load from one block to other has also been avoided.

e.   The public facilities like public toilets, mosque, prayer platform, emergency and Disaster Management Centre, Parking Plazas, wagon stop police station inquiry office, community centre, playground hospital and Smart STP have been strategically located with reference to their requirement and land use compatibility i.e. healthy planning parameters.                                


Highlights of Commercial plots being offered:

a.     Blue Area plots, F-9, G-9, A-3, F-6, G-6, 57-C, F-6, G-6, 59 & F-8, G-8, plot no 6, Mixed use development which can be used for commercial, Offices, Apartments, Recreational, Food Courts & Sports facilities etc.

b.   Markaz plots: Plot No 40-E- G-9; 26 A , G-9; Plot No 21-G-11, Plot No 27-G-11; Plot No 19-I-8; Plot No 3-K I-9; Markaz plots which are  ideal for Commercial activity, Offices and Apartments on upper floors.

c.    Class three shopping centre F-10/3, Plot No.3-B,  G-11/31-E:-These are economical commercial market plots can be used for Commercial, Offices and Apartments.

d.    I-12 plots are full of opportunity for Twin City Saddar Market. Plots are ideal for Commercial activity and an ideal opportunity for long term investors.

Best Regards,

M. Aslam Chaudhary

Director Estate Management-II

Capital Development Authority

Islamabad Pakistan.


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