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Zawar Shah (President) and Minister Mark Coure

First Australiawide Muslim Youth Empowerment Conference held in Auburn Sydney

Shia National Network of Australia Inc. has introduced new dimensions to the traditional youth conferences. In the traditional Conferences usually there are a few high profiled speakers who discuss the youth issues. The Multicultural and Multilingual Umbrella Community organisation introduced the concept of Youth Empowerment Conference in which no professional speaker are invited to address.

The Network had arranged such a conference on the 17th of July, 2022 in Ahlulbait Islamic Centre, Auburn  Sydney to ask the Muslim youth to hand their confronted issues and challenges to the Muslim community which will find the ways and means to find their solutions.
Thus 88 students from all local universities including Wollongong and Charles Sturt University and a few weekend Islamic schools were registered for the Youth empowerment conference.

Dr Muhammad Pournajaf

Dr Muhammad Pournajaf, Chargé d'Affaires, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Canberra, The Hon. Mark Coure MP, Minister for Multiculturalism and Seniors,

Hon. Lynda Volt, MP

 Hon. Lynda Voltz MP for Auburn and Anglican Priest Father Dave Smith were the guests of Honour.

Syed Zawar Shah (President)

Syed Zawar Shah, the President of the Network had welcomed the VIPs, bureaucrats, professionals, parents and the youth. He elaborated on the concept of the Youth empowerment conference. He said that VIPs have been invited just to hand the plaques to the Multicultural Media.
Mr. Shah informed that Multiculturalism Minister will arrive and hand the plaques and certificates to the workers. During this time the collected and documented issues will be put into different piles educational, psychological, mental, social, marital, employment so on and so forth.

Syed Kamran Zaidi (MC)

The General Secretary of Shia Network Syed Kamran Zaidi was MC of the Event.

The second phase will be discussion between the special subcommittee and those professionals. The suggested solutions by the professional will be documented and be kept as a data base for future.

Third phase will be to call a general body meeting of the students in order to informed of the suggested solutions and the practical support offered by the kind hearted specialists who are in favour of initiating youth leadership programmes.
Besides collecting the en bloc issues, the youth will be encouraged to post their issues needing to find solutions on Network website. Efforts will be made to find the answers by the panel of professionals.

Mr. Wasim Shah

Syed Wasim Shah was Coordinator of this unique conference.

Sayed Jawwad

Sayed Jawwad Imam and other young leaders work hard for the success of this youth conference.

This process will knit the youth and adult communities. It will give birth to the generation of more welfare, educational and recreational programmes
Dr Pournajaf dwelled on the concept of Empowerment and said that it has different manifestations but the best is the spiritual Empowerment and the fountainhead of the spiritualism is Almighty God.

Father Dave was very elaborate and critical of the differences in the community and emphasised on the rights of the neighbours without considering their religion colour and race.
The Honourable Minister of Multiculturalism Mark Coure appreciated the services of the communities and encouraged them to negotiate with the related Departments for community grants.

Ahlulbait radio interviewing Lynda Voltz MP Auburn

Sayed Jaffar Miski interviewed by Ahlulbait Radio

Zawar Shah (President) speaking and Minister Hon. Mark Coure Presiding

Father Dave Receiving award from Hon. Lynda Voltz, MP

Jabir Hussain with Minister  Honourable Mark Coure

Javed Khan with Minister  Hon. Mark Coure, MP

Shahid Hussain with with Minister Hon. Mark Coure, MP

Samir Qasim receiving plaque from the Diplomat of Iran

Dr Muhammad Pournajaf,  Hon. Lynda Voltz, MP and Zawar Hussain Shah

Firas Naji Receiving plaque to the Minister

General Secretary Kamran Zaidi Receiving Certificate from Diplomat of Iran

Hasan Rana getting plaque from Minister


Munir Mohammad  Receiving plaque from Trustee Hussain Derani

Zia Ahmad Receiving award From Hon. Lynda Voltz, MP

Syed Zafar Hussain Receiving award from Trustee Hussain Derani

Raja Taseer Qasim getting plaque from Trustee Hussain Derani

Sayed Jaffar getting plaque from Hon. Lynda Voltz, MP

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