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Darulfatwa-Australian launches its first ever Orphan Care program in Ramadan 2013

Darulfatwa Australia launched its inaugural Orphan Care program at its annual Ramadan Dinner on Sunday August 4, 2013 at La Luna Lounge in Bankstown Sydney,in the presence of key politicians, including the Hon.Mr.Philip Ruddock MP, community leaders and imams.

Darulfatwa-The High Islamic Council of Australia appropriately chose to launch this noble program in Ramadan because more than other months, it is the month which compels the individual to look upon the needs of others and compete to satisfy them, selflessly.

The projects attracted much praise and support from everyone present, especially the dignitaries who later gave praised the project in a series of speeches. A Darulfatwa executive his Eminence Shieikh Ibrahim Al Shafei delivered a moving opening speech launching the Orphan Care program: “Ramadan is the month which motives towards Allah’s obedience. On this note, the Darulfatwa initiative namely, ‘Darulfatwa Orphan Care’ project is a blessed project that will wash the tears off the faces of the organs and draw a beautiful smile on their faces.

Sheikh Ibrahim Ashafei continued to describe the manner in which Prophet Muhammad approached orphans and ordered others to approach orphans, as a the highest example of proper conduct. He said:

“Prophet Muhammad, used to care for orphans and used to ask the companions to care for orphans, to protect them and treat them well. He also showed the merits that come from that.

Further encouraging the care for orphans, he mentioned the hadith of the prophet in which he, may Allah raise his rank said and he joined together his forefinger and middle finger: {I and the custodian of an orphan, are like this in paradise}, meaning that the custodian of an orphan will be close to the Prophet in Paradise”.

Shiekh Ibrahim Ashafei also mentioned that caring for an orphan benefits the carer with instant rewards as mentioned in a narration, he said: One day a companion came to the Prophet complaining that he has a hard heart. The Prophet said, pat an orphan softly on the head and feed that orphan from your food and your heart will soften”.

Among his final words, he said: “Every believer should be like a parent to the orphan”.

Liberal member of the House of Representatives Hon. Mr. Philip Ruddock took the stage to deliver an insightful message reflecting on the devastation he witnessed in Syria recently. His words resonated commendation and respect for Darulfatwa’s initiative left many contemplating on the importance of the Orphan Care program. Mr. Ruddock said:

“Can I say how happy I am to be able to be with you at an important time like this. Interestingly, I was away a fortnight ago in Syria. And I saw numbers of children devastated by the effects of what is in fact a civil war.

The crowd applauded in approval and went on to welcome the supporting speakers to the stage.

Hon. Philip Ruddock: Member of the House of Representatives.

Mr. Ruddock told of his visit to Syria last fortnight with the International organization ‘Save the Children’, and described the images of the children suffering from the civil war as devastating. He was impressed to return to Australia only to find that Darulfatwa has developed an Orphan Care program. He described the timing of the Darulfatwa initiative as an extraordinary event “that Darulfatwa is focusing on the needs of orphan children”. He said:

“At a time like this in Ramadan when you are thinking piously about your role, it is a time to reflect on the needs of others. So I do commend you.

In closing, Mr. Ruddock said the inauguration of Darulfatwa’s Orphan Care program launched in Ramadan was a far too important event to miss and that he attended it despite important parliamentary commitments. He said:

“I wanted to be with you and to give a positive message to what I believe is a very positive program in which you are engaged”.

Chris Hayes Labor Member of the House of Representatives

Mr. Hayes continued to commend Darulfatwa’s timely initiative and its relevance to some of the six million orphaned children around the world.

He said: “the Child care aspect of the charitable works of Darulfatwa really stands itself apart. Not only in what we do in this country in promoting the leadership of Islam making a positive impact on our communities. But, how we can take one step further and look at how we can make a difference in the lives of children who are left orphaned from conflicts such as in Syria or left displaced in countries such as Indonesia.

“Most smart people who occupy those positions [in politics] understand that we cannot go out and do all these works. What we can do is identify the organizations that do good works throughout our community and work with them. I have seen the works of Darulfatwa and how they, on a daily basis change lives for the better.”

He said: “Darulfatwa has done a fine job” in its chosen path to add positively to our community.

Tony Issa: Member of the Legislative Council

“Darulfatwa takes their Quran very seriously.They interpret the meaning by organizing the function tonight to reach out to the children out of their world who need help and support and who are less fortune than our children.

“The NSW government acknowledges the month of Ramadan and the importance of fasting this month. The Premiere just last week held a dinner honouring the Muslims in their fasting month of Ramadan. And I am giving this speech today because of my relationship in Darulfatwa. Thank you very much for inviting me to this dinner”.

The speeches ended as guests dipped into their pockets to respond to Darulaftwa’s call to sponsor an orphan child and as pens filled out the Orphan Care sponsorship forms committing themselves to ongoing support.

The evening ended with great awards for the orphans in care as guests handed in their completed forms committing themselves financially to caring for orphans and supplementing that commitment by dipping into their pockets and filling the donation envelops on the table.



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