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Dr Farah Adeeb Marhooma

Dr Farah Adeeb has passed away in Perth, Western Australia

Dr. Amsha Nahid, Research Fellow Murdoch University, informed Sada-e-Watan that on Monday, 03 Feb 2014, Dr Farah Adeeb has passed away in Perth. Dr. Farah was died after her fight with liver cancer. She was very popular in Pakistani Community of Western Australia. She was also famous writer and always contributes News & Views in Sada-e-Watan. Dr. Farah Adeeb did her PHD from Auckland University New Zealand and since 10 years she was settled in Australia. She was belonging from Samanabad Lahore Pakistan. Dr. Farah was always active for the welfare of Australian Pakistani community and she was on the frontline of Pakistan Day, Pakistan Independence Day and Eid Celebrations.

In 2006, she sends her 2 poems to Sada-e-Watan. We are copying them from the ARCHIVE.

Shining stars in your eyes
a memory from the past
With hope in your voice
You did say will you come back?
Will you wait for me I asked
Till the day I die you said
Till the day I cannot see this world

Shining stars in your eyes
I dreamed about them
all the way on the journey
days were long and nights were dark
the wait has gone longer and longer
Life got on the way 
and the bright stars have grown dim.
Dr Farah Adeeb (Perth)

Where do I belong?

 Where do I belong?

Where have I come from?

Identity, a sense of belonging,

why there is no answer?

Like the moon covered by clouds,

grey clouds, misty mornings,

why do I not have an identity?


Where have you come from? you asked,

you are not a native of this land.

Oh well, you guess it. I leave it to you,

am I Asian, Spanish, Mexican...

divided like a stream into two cultures,

which values do I need to adopt,

which values do I need to leave out?

A question of identity ― the crisis of belonging


how long do I need to live in a place ― I ask myself

to get an identity ― a sense of belonging?

When will it rain and then will the sky be clear again?

And the moon will be without clouds,

and is it then I will have identity?

Dr. Farah Adeeb (Perth)


Please remember Dr. Farah Adeeb in your duas, and pray that Allah SWT Grant her exalted place in Jannah and Sabr-e-Jameel to the family members. The Editorial Board of Sada-e-Watan Prayed to ALLAH Almighty to rest the departed soul in eternal peace and grant courage to her family members to bear this irrepairable loss.



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