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Parramasala Launch Announcement by the Hon Barry O’Farrell MP, Premier of NSW Wednesday 31st July, 2013 at Parramatta Town Hall

Speech notes of Dr Hari Harinath,Chairman Parramasala Limited

Thank you Premier for your words – and indeed for making the time available to be here to launch the 4th year of Parramasala.

I would like to start by paying my respect to the traditional custodians of the land we gather on this morning both past and present.

Ladies and gentlemen – welcome to all, of you and thank you for coming along this morning.
I would like to particularly acknowledge a few people here today…

1: Hon.Barry O’Farrell Premier

2: Deputy Mayor Parramatta City Council Steven Issa

3:Dr Geoff Lee Member for Parramatta

4:Tony Issa Member for Granville

5: Mr. Nihal Gupta Chairman Multicultural Business Advisory Board of NSW

6: Llyal Gorman Chairman Western Sydney Wanderers

7: Sandra Chip Chase ……CEO Destination NSW

8: Dr Robert Lang General Manager Parramatta City Council.

When the Premier asked me to be Chairman of Parramasala I was both very honoured and proud. Honoured - because of the importance and significance of Australia’s leading, unique, contemporary arts and cultural festival - that celebrates the wonderful and rich South Asian cultures and more so, recognising Parameter's diverse and multicultural communities.

But, also proud because as a citizen of this great State of NSW, I can celebrate living in the nation’s most multicultural state and one that has a Government that proudly, and truly recognises it’s wonderful diversity. I believe that one must engage with other cultures and traditions, as well as languages, to succeed.

Chairman Parramasala Dr.Hari Harinath, Hon Barry O’Farrell MP, Premier of NSW & Deputy Mayor of Parramatta City Council  Steven Issa

And – great minds think alike – because I am pleased to say that our Premier also firmly believes in the same!! However, he not only believes it – he actually makes sure that it happens – and his strong personal commitment and actions since becoming Premier are testament to the success of NSW’s multiculturalism today.

Actions speak louder than words – and doing is more powerful than saying.

Tony Issa MP,Parramasala Chairman Dr.Harry Harinath,NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell,Sandra Chipchase,Steven Issa and Geoff Lee MP

Its pleasing to see this Government has acted and done what it said it would, to engage the region and embrace the fruits of multiculturalism.

The Premier’s personal strong commitment to multiculturalism and engagement with the region has benefited all of us, by growing the trade and investment opportunities and the State economy.

The Premier has committed to annual trips to India and China , as well as established boards, strategies and events like this one ,that really focus in on the States diversity by connecting.

Parramasala will provide young people opportunities to develop their identity that is both reflective of their heritage as well as being proud of being Australians living in New South Wales.

And how wonderful it is to celebrating this festival in Parramatta – where over half the residents are born overseas and there are so many other cultural communities - such as little India in Harris Park – all so close by

Tony Issa MP, Chairman of Parramasala Dr. Harry Harinath, Premier Barry O’Farrell,Steven Issa & Geoff Lee MP

The NSW government’s support of this festival – and in particular through Sandra Chipchase and the great team at Destination NSW is just fantastic. It could not happen without them – a big thank you.

I also would like to thank all of the team at Parramatta council – everyone has been working so hard to ensure another great festival.

Thanks to our Corporate Partners Deloitte and WESTPAC for their ongoing support.

And lastly – I would like to thank my Board and the Festival staff (Grant O’Neill and David Malacari) for their guidance, commitment and support – well done to everyone involved…!

And I am so thrilled with the news that SRK will be here to help us celebrate Parramasala this year –Thanks to Ritchie Perera of Bollywood connections who is here this morning.

So I encourage all of you to enjoy the festival – because - we have done it only for all of you….and come along with your family and friends – its even a great time to invite your family and friends from overseas and homelands to visit you here in Sydney…..bring them all along….I am sure the team at Destination NSW will find enough hotels for those who you can’t accommodate in your homes!!

Thank you Premier again for your continued support and time today – it is sincerely appreciated

I look forward to seeing you all on the October long weekend 4th to 7th October 2013.

And remember “Parramasala is coming your way – and SRK is on the way!!”
Thank you.

Chairman Parramasala Dr.Hari Harinath and Premier of New South Wales Honourable Barry O’Farrell MP

NSW Premier Honourable Barry O'Farrell

Chairman Parramasala Dr.Hari Harinath


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