Sada-e-Watan Sydney

Hansard Transcript (Legislative Council, 21 November 2013, Proof)

Hon. Dr Mehreen Faruqi


Motion by Dr MEHREEN FARUQI agreed to:

1. That this House notes that:
(a) education is both a human right and a critical lever to reaching other development objectives and breaking the cycle of poverty;

(b) only 48 per cent of girls in Pakistan of primary school age are enrolled in school;

(c) the Citizens Foundation in Pakistan has been providing free education to children since 1997, with more than 910 schools, 126,000 students and an all-female staff of 6,300 teachers;

(d) the vision of the Citizens Foundation is to remove barriers of class, gender and privilege to make the citizens of Pakistan agents of positive change; and

(e) the Australia Chapter of the Citizens Foundation was launched on Thursday 14 November 2013 as a not-for-profit organisation.

2. That this House congratulates the Citizens Foundation Australia Chapter on their launch to create awareness of projects that the Citizens Foundation is undertaking in order to improve accessibility to quality education in Pakistan.

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