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Transcript Speech of the President APMA Dr. Sayeed Khan (Meet and Greet Lunch at Zaaffran - Darling Harbour Sydney on Sunday, 18 May 2014

Good afternoon and Assalam-alaikum,

I would like to first acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we are meeting and pay my respects to their Elders, past and present.

Dear Australia Pakistan Medical Association members, their families, my respected colleagues, our
Chief Guest for the 4th Meet n Greet function, Dr Mehreen Farouqi. Member of Parliament  The Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane and Consul General Aziz Uqaili. I would also like to acknowledge

Hafiz Shahid, Present of Pakistan Association.

Hamid Khan from Edhi Foundation,

Miss Rachel Cruz from FLOW international

Ejaz Khan, from Pakistan Australia Association

Mohammed Asif from CitiLink and

Zafar Hussain from Sada-e-Watan.

And all other distinguished guests.

On behalf of APMA, I welcome you all to our 4th Meet and Greet Function.

APMA is extremely proud in bringing all medical professionals in NSW together on 1 platform. For one voice, for the vision to provide leadership, support and guidance to pursue and enhance a members academic objectives and excellence, professional goals and service to our communities, with a high standard. APMA aims to involve all Pakistani medical community and their families in social cohesion, cultural activities and community work.

I will now invite APMA’s General Secretary, Shams Ul Arifeen to say a few words.

*According to a study conducted by the UN, 40% of deaths in Pakistan are due to contaminated water.

*250000 children under the age of 5, die every year due to unsafe water.

These alarming statistics reinforce that the provision of clean water is the most important medical need which can prevent loss of life and other illnesses on a very large scale. I am sure you have not forgotten the recent crisis in Thar Desert. APMA has formed a partnership with FLOW international to provide a water Filtration plant in Thar desert, the area of extreme need for clean water. Those who have already donated for this cause, I thank you all on behalf of APMA. I urge all others to donate as soon as possible.

I will now invite Rachel Cruz from Flow international to provide a brief introduction to our project.

I will now invite  Shaoquett Moselmane to say a few words…….

I will now invite Aziz Uqaili the Consul General of Pakistan to say a few words……

Now I will ask Dr Mehreen Farouqi, our Guest of Honour to come to the stage.

Dr Mehreen Farouqi is a Pakistani born, Australian politician. She is a Greens member of the NSW Legislative Council and is the first Muslim female elected to any Australian Parliament. Dr Farouqi studied at the University of Engineering and Technology in Lahore, and worked as a consultant in Pakistan before moving to Sydney in 1992. Here, she received a Masters and PhD in Environmental engineering from the University of NSW. She was Academic director of the Master of Business and technology program and an associate professor at the Australian graduate school of management for the University of NSW. She joined the Greens in 2004 and in parliament, she has carriage of the following portfolios for the party; Animal Welfare, Environment, Healthy Lifestyles, Marine Environment and Fisheries,Multiculturism, Roads and Ports, Sexuality and Gender Identity, Status of Women, Transport and young people.

There are a number of outstanding Pakistani medical professionals who have been serving the Australian community and have left a great legacy of their commitment and dedication in providing the best health care to their patients. Every year APMA presents a token of our appreciation to these doctors to acknowledge their achievements and contributions to Australian communities.

First of all we will recognise the students who have recently joined the medical profession.

1. Angelique Javed: she has just graduated from her Masters of Pharmacy and is completing her intern year.

Allied Health

1. Nadeem Sheikh

Special Award:

1. Madiha Khan

General Practitioners.

1. Dr Shaukat Javed

2. Dr Mohammad Amjad

3. Dr Riaz Malik

4. Dr Mushtaq Malik

5. Dr Danish Khan

6. Dr Midhat Syed

7. Dr Samreen Kassam

8. Dr Sabahat Mahmoud

9. Dr Mazen Khan

10. Dr Sayeed Khan

11. Ghazala Khan


1. Dr Irfan Noor Psychiatrist

2. Dr Talat Uppal Gynaecologist

3. Dr Nadir Hafiz Psychiatrist

4. Dr Aslam Chaudhary Psychiatrist

Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr Halima Qureshi

Very few people are blessed with the ability to weave their average life into silk, whilst still displaying the humility of keeping their eyes focused on the humble ground upon which they tread. Such person is Dr Halima Qureshi. Dr Qureshi graduated from Fatima Jinnah college in Lahore and came to Australia in 1960 with her husband Marghoob Qureshi. In early 60s, Pakistani medical qualifications were not recognised by the AMC. With her husband’s support, she lodged a case for recognition for her degree and won the case successfully and was allowed to sit her AMC exam due to this breakthrough case. Through this she cleared a pathway for many to follow. Her work continued at Royal Sydney Hospital, then moved to gain employment at Long Bay Correctional Facility then the Water Board, allowing her to balance both her career and family.APMA highly recognises Dr Halima’s determination, hard work and service to the Australian community and award her a lifetime achievement award.

Dr Shabbir Haider

Dr Shabbir Haider graduated from King Edward Medical College, Lahore and worked in Mayo and General headquarter hospital in Rawalpindi then moved to Australia in 1971. Dr Haider worked in Port Kembla hospital then joined General practice in Wollongong, where he continues to practice. He is an examiner at Royal College of General Practitioners, Senior Lecturer at University of Wollongong school of Medicine. And also supervises overseas trained doctors regularly. Dr Haider was the founding member of Illawara Muslim society, the Pakistan Association NSW. He worked with Pakistan Medical association and was the founding member of Urdu society of Australia, with close association with international Urdu Association, the Muhammadi Welfare Association of the Pakistan Association of Wollongong. Dr Shabbir Haider is a poet as well, with his inspiration coming from his uncle, Syed Zamir Jafri. He has released his first poetry book, Sarmaya in 2009.

Dr Madni


I thank you all for coming today and highly appreciate that you have come on this Sunday afternoon to APMA’s meet n greet function an outstanding success.

Thank you all.

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