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World Known Islamic Scholar Dr Khalid Zaheer’s Lectures in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth

Al-Mawrid Australia is organising a series of interactive sessions with a renowned Islamic Scholar Dr. Khalid Zaheer on the topic of “Messengerhood: An Understanding of the Devine Practice”.

Al-Mawrid Australia is the Australian Chapter of Al-Mawrid Global – a Foundation of Islamic Research and Education. Dr. Khalid Zaheer is serving as the Vice President of Al-Mawrid Global. He has a Ph.D. in Islamic Banking from the University of Wales UK, as well as an intensive formal education in Islam through associations with some great scholars of the sub-continent. Dr. Zaheer has a deep and incisive understanding of the very relevant issues of Islam and modernity.

Al-Mawrid Global was established to promote the true understanding of Islam based purely on the Quran and the Sunnah.

Dr. Zaheer is embarking on his second Australian tour from 22 April 2017 to 3 May 2017 and visiting several cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth. He will be speaking on some very important contemporary issues such as the root causes of extremism, misunderstanding of the word Jihad and other matters concerning to everyday life of Muslims and the people of other faiths. He previously toured Australia in 2014.

In his lectures, Dr. Zaheer will explain the importance of comprehending a certain divine scheme executed either through natural disasters or through his messengers and their faithful companions. It is essential to understand that this scheme does not relate to Shariah (divine law) and therefore leads to the concept of era specific and universal directives in the Quran and explains why certain verses of the Quran cannot be generalized.

Dr. Zaheer will also bring to the attention of the audience the directives of Islam which are solely related to the direct addressees of Muhammad (peace be upon him) who deliberately denied the truth. Dr. Zaheer will emphasise that these directives do not relate to others who cannot be identified in this capacity. This identification can only be made by God. In the times of His messengers, He communicated this fact through these messengers. However, with the departure of these messengers, no communication can be established with the Almighty and while those individuals who have deliberately denied the truth may exist today, they cannot be humanly identified. Hence, these directives cannot be generalised. In today’s world, choosing religion or no religion is a personal matter which is not only compatible with but actually upheld by Islam.

All these sessions will be in English language and everyone, regardless of his/her faith, is welcome to attend. It is especially a good chance for youth to clarify misconceptions relating to contemporary issues like extremism, misinterpretation of Jihad and heresy.

The audience can also avail the opportunity to buy Dr. Zaheer’s book ‘Rediscovering Islam – a fresh Islamic Perspective on Contemporary Key Issues’ and Ghamidi’s renowned ‘Meezan’ and ‘Al-Bayan’ amongst others.

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