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Kokni Muslim Society of Sydney’s Eid Milan Party at Zahid Restaurant Bankstown Sydney

Hon.Tania Mihailuk MP,Member for Bankstown greeted Australian Indian Kokni Muslim children from Kokan region of Maharashtra in India on the occasion of Eid Celebrations during a get together, which was held on the 10 August 203 at the Zahid Restaurant Bankstown, NSW.

The children who are mostly between the ages of 7 and 10 years observed the full 30 days of fasting during the month of Ramadan. This was a real test of patience, endurance and devotion for these fasting kids who abstained themselves from eating or drinking water for almost 13 hours every day from dawn to dusk.

Kokan is situated about 200 kms from Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. The region is also famous internationally for the exotic ALPHANSO MANGOES.

Mr Siraj Sarguroh, Chairman of Kokni Muslim Society of Sydney, welcomed Hon Tania Mihailuk and thanked her for gracing the occasion.

Hon. Tania Mihailuk in her brief speech aptly mentioned that how important it is to keep oneself abreast of one’s culture and religious faith. The Hon Tania Mihailuk then distributed trophies to the children.  Some of the office bearers of the Kokni Society were honoured for their outstanding community services.

As a result, Mrs Zebun Maldar, Mr Shakur Tisekar, Mr Amin Sorate,Mr Akhalak Parkar and Azim Khambiye,Mr Siraj Sarguroh received certificate of appreciation from Hon.Tania Mihailuk.

Mr Muhsin Dadarkar through his extempore compering in Arabic, Urdu, English and above all Kokni languages entertained the audience. Two young talents, Iram Sirguroh and Yusuf Dawre did excellent comparing of the entire function.


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