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President Al - Khidmat Welfare Society Pakistan and Former Mayor of Karachi Niamthullah Khan is Visiting Australia


Former Mayor of Karachi Niamthullah Khan Advocate

He was first Nazim of Karachi after devolution plan. He belongs to Jamaat-e-Islami. Naimatullah Khan was elected City Nazim (Mayor) in 2001. . Nematullah Khan achieved to get an amount of Rs.2900 Million for reconstruction of Karachi,city council passed various projects such as 18 flyovers, six underpasses, two signal free roads and a huge water supply scheme for the people of Karachi. It was first time in the history of Karachi that all the stake holders in Karachi were incorporated for the developmental works in Karachi.the Karachi development plan comprises signal free main roads,many fly overs underpasses and the replacement of water and sewerage lines.

Niamthullah Khan, Mayor (Nazim) of Karachi. Mayor Kahn resigned from office in June 2005 and was not re-elected in Pakistan's following local elections.

Introducing Niamthullah Khan, Mayor (Nazim) of Karachi Born: Ajmer India - 1 October 1930 City Nazim: Mayor - Karachi, August 2001-June 2005. Standing for re-election in August 2005. Early education: Shahjanpur –UP- India Graduation: Punjab University Masters: Karachi University Post Graduate: Journalism - Karachi University Law Degree: Karachi University Welfare Activities: Working with NGOs for Rehabilitation Work Other Activities: Law Practice 34 Years • President Al - Khidmat Welfare Society (NGO) • Leader Opposition Sindh Assembly-85-88
Current Activities:
President Al - Khidmat Welfare Society


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