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Human Rights Violations in Pakistan by the Govt of Pakistan & Govt of Punjab

 Dear Readers of Sada-e-Watan,

 It is stated with great disappointment and anger that the Govt of Pakistan has launched a shocking series of human rights violations against the ordinary people of Pakistan during the recent weeks. People of Pakistan have started to raise their voice against the political and social corruption by the govt and its officials.

 People of Pakistan have the constitutional right to gather and protest peacefully against any kind of oppression but the current govt under the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) has adopted all unconstitutional means by beating and killing innocent people using police and unlawfully raiding people's houses, blocking roads and highways, cutting utility supplies including water, electricity, fuel and other basic needs from people to increase their misery and forcing them to stop raising their voice against the corrupt political system going on in Pakistan since many years.

 As an Australian we highly condemn the brutality of Nawaz Sharif government against the Pakistani civil society and the masses standing up with Dr Qadri who is striving to save the country and eradicating the political system of corruption and holding the corrupt politicians accountable.

 In the following are some examples of such violence of basic human rights by the Govt of Pakistan:

 Press Conference of Dr. Qadri in English: 8th Aug 2014 covered by local media: Please watch  

 Govt has blocked all major roads, highways, and bridges to stop people from marching towards Lahore/Islamabad for protest. People are facing severe problems and using boats to cross rivers along with their motor bikes etc. Check these links please:

 Roads closed, bridges blocked, firing and shelling on people, etc.

 Children of the Woman who was killed by Police on 17th June asking what is their crime?

 Police attacking innocent people on 17th June:

 People are crossing under the containers placed by Govt to block the roads:  

 Areal view of roads of Lahore blocked with containers  

 Police set these vehicles on fire. These people were trying to get to protests in Lahore:  

 Popular anchors in Media criticizing govt brutalities:  

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