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Iftikhar Rana President Pakistan Association of Australia hosted a dinner in the honour of Pakistan National Defence University Islamabad's delegation

Mr.Iftikhar Rana, President Pakistan Association of Australia hosted a dinner on Tuesday 12th April 2011 at Spice of Life Restaurant Harris Park Sydney for the visiting NDU delegation. The delegation is headed by Rear Admiral Khan Hasham Bin Saddique who is the commandant of NDU. The delegation comprise mixture of civil and defence personnel's including Major General Tauqeer Rana, Brig Samrez, Directing Staff of NDU Faculty, Defence Officers from friendly countries of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nigeria and participants of National defence University course.

The dinner was held at the Spice Of Life Restaurant and was attended by Dean of Consular Corps NSW and Consul General of Pakistan Mr.Azam Mohammed,Defence Advisor of Pakistan High Commission Brigadier Zahoor Ahmed , Area Manager for Pakistan International Airlines Mr. Nadeem Jaffer, CEO, Citilink Finance Mr. Muhammad Asif, Editor in Chief of Sada-e- Watan Sydney Mr. Zafar Hussain,Sheikh Khalid Javaid of Kuwait Airways Kuwait and many famous dignities of Pakistan Australian community.

The mission of the NDU Islamabad is on official visit that is a part of NDU course to impart higher education in policy and strategy formulation on national security and defence. The delegation remained two days in Sydney and left onward for Canberra and Melbourne.

Mr. Iftikhar Rana in his welcome speech thanked the guests for sparing their valuable time in attending the dinner. He informed that in the last past 4 years, the CG and DA always tried to arrange meetings with military delegation and we had similar meetings with Chief of Naval Staff, chief of Air Staff, many visiting Generals and military officials. He thanked CG and DA who had arranged this occasion to meet the delegation with local Pakistani Australian prominent community members. He also thanked Mr.Ishtiaq Khan and the team of spice and life for providing delicious food.

President Iftikhar Rana, Rear Admiral Hasham,Sheikh Khalid Javaid of Kuwait Airways & Brigadier Zahoor Ahmad


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