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For Deceased Kamran Yousaf, Marvelous Services Given by Pak Diplomats, Community and Government of Australia

It is indeed a matter of pride for Overseas Pakistanis in Australia with regards for rendering all possible services to the Community at large. It not only ends here because all credit for this excellent services goes to the dynamic visionary man His Excellency Mr. Abdul Malik Abdullah High Commissioner of Pakistan in Australia, who is the captain of the ship.

The new Consul General Sydney Mr Abdul Aziz Uqaili,Mr Shifaat Kaleem Counsel and Sardar Balakh Sher Khosa Counsellor Community Welfare Australia are following the guide lines of the High Commissioner to provide best services day and night 24/7 hours to the Overseas Pakistanis in Australia.There are also emergency numbers services to be in touch with the Community at all times.

The very important issues for the Community to be taken care in Australia are to be with Community in the time of any accidental death or emergency ,in which we the Community feel proud the way Mr Khosa is interacting with the issues of the Overseas Pakistanis ,especially in the case of one Pakistani Student Mr Kamran Yousaf s/o Muhammad Yousaf who got shot dead in the Villawood Fruit Shop NSW Australia dated 12th October 2013 at 15:30 during a robbery in the shop,where the brave Deceased Mr Kamran lost his life during a scuffle with the robbers. This is not only a matter of great sorrow for the Muslim Community rather a matter of great concern for the Overseas Pakistanis,especially for the parents of the students studying in Australia as they send their children for studies not to get shot dead .On this deep shocking death Mr Khosa have seriously condemned the brutal killing of Deceased Mr Kamran Yousef .

On behalf of The. Hon High Commissioner Pakistan His Excellency Mr Abdul Malik Abdullah and Consul General Sydney Mr Abdul Aziz Uqaili, The High Commission office and Consulate General office along with Ch. Shahid Iqbal President Pakistan Association of Australia and Mr Iftikhar Rana, President Australia Pakistan Business Council Australia have seriously condemned this innocent killing as this death of an innocent young boy has put a big question mark on the lack of security for the life and liberty of the Overseas Pakistanis.

It is worth mentioning here that all the expenses were bear up by the Australian Government Homicide victim Support only on the intervention of Mr Khosa, that is why all funeral services were free, which were catered by Mr Javed Chaudhry of Madina Funeral Services along with transportation of dead body to Lahore Pakistan and transportation of dead body from Lahore Airport to deceased native village and then to graveyard via Ambulance were all made by special efforts by Federal Secretary Mr Munir Qureshi Ministry Overseas Pakistani & Human Resources Development by giving directions to Overseas Pakistani Foundation (OPF) to Regional Chief Tahir Ahmed Bukhari to whom flight details of DECEASED Kamran has been officially mailed & messaged. Mr Khosa is Now on a very serious note is pursuing the murder case of Deceased ,which is registered in Police Station Fairfield NSW.

Deceased Kamran was born on 12/5/1985. He was from District Gujrat.He came here for his higher education in December 2012 and  he was doing his Masters in Professional Accounting from Kings Own Institute Sydney NSW.He was living at Auburn NSW 2144 and bravely ended his life on Saturday 12/10/13. At about 15:30 Said Good Bye To The World. Inna_Lillah_Wa Inna Alihay Rajahun.

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