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A Photo exhibition and seminar was held in Canberra on Kashmir Solidarity Day

Mr Javed Butt President of KSC is speaking at the Kashmir event

Kashmir Solidarity Day in Canberra - 2013

A Photo exhibition followed by seminar was held on February 05, 2013, in Canberra to observe Kashmir Solidarity Day.The event was organized under the auspices of Kashmir Solidarity Council (KSC), Canberra.

The exhibition displayed photos showing scenes of the ongoing struggle in Kashmir for the right of self determination. The seminar was addressed by Mr Javed Butt, president of KSC, Ms Waleeja Zahoor: a student, Mr Iqbal Khan: native Kashmiri, Dr Tariq Rana water management expert and Dr Zakir Rehmani. They highlighted the significance of the day. Mr Muhammad Ali of KSC was master of the ceremony.

It was for the first time that about 50 Australians/foreigners representing cross section of society including defence personnel, civil servants, retired diplomats, academics and students attended the event. Around 50-60 members of Pakistani diaspora in Canberra also were present.


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