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Pakistani Australian Student Mashaal Hamayun secured an ATAR of 99.8

In Australia, the Higher School Certificate results and ATAR's were respectively released on the 16th and 17th of December just recently. The younger sister of Ms Mahrukh Hamayun, Mashaal Hamayun, a Pakistani Australian student by identity, a recent graduate of Sydney Girls High School was able to achieve great results through her perseverance, dedication. She secured an ATAR of 99.8, a mark which is not a common sight. Within her subjects, ranging from English Extension 1, Maths Extension 1, Modern History, History Extension and Economics, she secured marks above 96% for all her subjects hence also being awarded with the accolade of the NSW Premier’s Award. She was also recently offered a scholarship of the accumulative cost of $6000 for the duration of her degree at the University of Sydney, which she is yet to accept.

Mashaal Hamayun desires to be able to complete a Bachelors of Medicine here in Australia, and on the basis of her Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test, commonly also referred to as UMAT (which were in the high 90's) has been called by several top institutions such as University of New South Wales, University of Western Sydney and University of Newcastle for First Round Offer Medical Interviews, an achievement itself exceptional for such a young Pakistani Australian female. Besides her academic achievements, she is also appeared at International levels for competitions such as the Davinci Decathalon which was held in Milan, Europe. Her team of 8 female students from Sydney Girls High School were able to secure Gold Medals for overall success in the competition.

Mashaal Hamayun's achievement not only serve as a moment of pride for everyone but as an inspiration to the forthcoming students that if you shoot for the moon and even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.

 Congratulations to Mashaal on her wonderful achievements and excellent Academic results.

Mashaal Hamayun with her Parents


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