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Famous Maulana of Pakistan Ehtiramul Haq Thanvi coming to Sydney
Maulana Ehtiramul Haq Thanvi

A great scholar of Pakistan and famous Aalim-e-Deen Maulana Ehtiramul Haq Thanvi is coming to Sydney on a private trip for 6 weeks. Maulana will be seeing his family members and friends. Maulana Ehtiramul Haq Thanvi is the son of the late Khateeb-e-Pakistan Maulana Ehtishamul Haq Thanvi.

During his stay, Maulana Ehtiramul Haq Thanvi will be meeting local Ulama and Religious Scholars and some Government officials.

Maulana's stay will be at 83 Banks Drive St. Clair, next to St Clair Musalla.

Maulana will be offering taraweeh salat in Rooty Hill Mosque. There will be a short tafseer  every night after salat through out Ramadan.

Those who would like to see Maulana, can contact his brother Maulana Nizamul Haq Thanvi on 0403 321 981.


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