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The Government of Punjab arranged the First Overseas Pakistanis Convention in Lahore

The First Overseas Pakistani’s convention was held in Lahore, on Monday, 28th April, 2014. The convention was initiated by the Punjab Government to discuss the current governance of Pakistan. The government arranged the convention for the betterment of Pakistan and they believe that overseas Pakistani’s play a vital role in development, prosperity and image building of Pakistan.

The Hon. Rana Mashood Khan Minister for Education invited Iftikhar Rana, Ahsan Khan and Ejaz Rana to attend the convention.


 The Hon Minister Rana Mashood Khan Speaking at the Overseas Convention

The Hon Minister Rana Mashood Khan insisted to Mr. Rana to attend the convention on a very short period, Mr. Rana despites his busy schedule in Australia took part in the convention only for the betterment of the Pakistani Community living in Australia.

Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif Speaking at the First Overseas Pakistanis Convention Lahore

The Punjab government welcome all the overseas Pakistani very warmly. They were attended as guest from the Airport till two –three days and were treated very respectfully as state guest.

When they reached Lahore airport there were police escort with high security waiting there to welcome them and all traffic was controlled all the way until they reached PC Hotel where they were staying in Lahore. In PC they were seen as guest of the Punjab government and until their stay they were treated with high hospitality and tremendous respect.

The first day consisted of sightseeing including Wagah Border with VIP protocol than they visited Allama Iqbal Mizar and Badshahee Mosque. Followed by dinner in Lahore famous food street with nice entertainment and it felt as if they were sitting in Taj Mahal. The Second day after a heavy breakfast they sat on a metro bus to the convention and then from 12 to 4pm at the Governor house.

There were so many people in chief minister house they were presentations and speeches form different ministers and bureaucrats.

In the presentation the systems were show to us by the director, if implemented this would be great for Pakistan. Than chief minister said in his speech the first overseas convention would be an introduction of a commission for overseas Pakistanis. That commission will work and will consist of local bureaucrats and politicians also overseas Pakistanis in bottom to top level division and state level. If someone has got an issue then the commission will provide a one window opportunity to overseas Pakistani. That will enhance the level of confidence from overseas Pakistanis and later on they will be confident in investment possibilities in in Pakistan comfortably.

Mr. Ejaz Rana, Mr. Rana Ahsan Khan, Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan and President PABC Iftikhar Rana

Mr. Rana Mashood and Minister of Law Rana Sana Ullah Khan thanked all the overseas Pakistani and the Chief Minister for giving him the authority to conduct this work.

Governor Punjab His Excellency Chaudhary Mohammad Sarwar also welcomed and thanked to all overseas Pakistanis for attending the first convention in Lahore and requested the people to give your suggestion in establishing commission on Overseas Pakistanis.

After the presentation lavish lunch was severed in the Chief Minister Office and overseas Pakistanis had the opportunity to meet and greet each other.


Mr. Ahsan Rana, Mr. Iftikhar Rana and Former Federal Minister of Information Mr. Arif Nizami

World Known Journalist ,Former Federal Minister of Information Arif Nizami and Mr. Tahir Rana (Younger Brother of Mr. Iftikhar Rana)



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