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Pakistan Australia Association Fundraising Dinner (Proof)

Motion by the Hon. SHAOQUETT MOSELMANE agreed to:

1. That this House notes that:

(a) on 1 November 2013, Pakistan Australia Association (PAA) hosted a fundraising dinner to assist the appeal for victims of the New South Wales bushfires and in partnership with United Indian Association, Punjabi Council of Australia, Global Women Network, Dashmesh Sports Club, Nabi Akram Islamic Centre And. Harris Park Chamber of Commerce collected $5,500 for the Salvation Army;

(b) PAA was first registered in 2003 and Mr Ejaz Khan was elected its first President;

(c) PAA is a community organisation working for the welfare of the Australian Pakistani community settled in Australia, particularly communities living in New South Wales, and it seeks to address issues such as domestic violence, employment, youth and rapidly ageing seniors;

(d) in 2005, was Pakistan struck with massive earthquake and as a result several hundreds lost their lives and homes, and in response PAA formed a partnership with World Vision Australia to assist in endeavours; and

(e) on 25 October 2013, PAA reformed and at its annual general meeting the following executives were elected:

(i) Ejaz Khan: President;

(ii) Dr Nighat Nasim: Vice President;

(iii) Mrs Shafaq Jaffery: General Secretary;

(iv) Aysha Amjed: Assistant Secretary;

(v) Zafar Khan: Cultural Secretary;

(vi) Zahid Minhas: Information Secretary;

(vii) Shahzad Idrees: Treasurer;

(viii) Dr Akram Hassan, Dr Shaukat Javed, Nadeem Elahi Sheikh, Zahoor Sheikh: Trustees;

(xiv) Shamas Abbas: Director Religious Events;

(xv) Shazia Khan and Amna Khurram: Director Women Health and Issues;

(xvi) Salman Kazmi and Saif Khalid: Directors Students Affairs;

(xvii) Arif Jaffery: Director Information Technology Affairs;

(xviii) Salman Khalid, Saif Khalid and Syeda Saif: Directors and coordinators of Employment for Youth and New Arrivals;

(xvix) Khurram Naqvi: Director Design.

2. That this House notes the PAA and community work it carries out and congratulates its executive and directors for their continued community and humanitarian endeavours.


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