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Pakistan Association of Australia Independence Day event in Bankstown Sydney

‘A leader is known by the team he keeps, and a team is known by the events it executes’, the maxim was proved once again valid and correct by President Farhat Jaffri of Pakistan Association of Australia commemorating the 75th year of Pakistan’s independence in Bankstown Sydney, Australia on Sunday, 14th August 2022’s evening.

The event started with a recitation from Holy Quran by Imran Khan and prayers for Pakistan and Pakistanis not only in Pakistan but around the globe. Hafiz Hamid Saroha General Secretary of the Association reiterated the importance of adhering to our Islamic values and stressed that those should also be reflected in each step of our lives.

Pakistan Association of Australia (PAA) over the last 50 years since its inception has held various successful events and each one depicted something new and innovative. This time it’s incumbent President Farhat Jaffri raised the bar to a new height with fewer promises and pure solid actions. He took the audience through recent past successful events that provided great opportunities to network not only for adults but whole families. He shared his vision to break the norm and churn out one after another event continuously this year and until Pakistan Defence Day in March. The events planned to spread over “Pakistani Business Expo” to full of fun days including Sydney Harbour Cruise. Thanking his team, he shared that he has a passion to provide quality events to our community here in Australia and also now instead of reaching out to people to attend, our events community now community eagerly await and puts pressure on PAA to increase the numbers to attend the events.

H.E. Mr. Zahid Hafez Chaudhri

Also, there were many first-timers like all past presidents of PAA were invited and given great respect and shared the table with the High Commission Pakistan to Australia H.E. Mr. Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri and prominent politicians including

Hon. Jihad Dib, MP

Hon. Jihad Dib, MP Lakemba &

Hon. Tania Mihailuk, MP

Hon. Tania Mihailuk, MP Bankstown Sydney. They were impressive awards presented on stage by the His Excellency Zahid Hafez Chaudhri.

Another first-timer was the initiation of a lifetime-achievement award that was given to respectable Dr. Akbar Khan for his great achievements and services to the community. Dr. G A  Khan received the award from Excellency with a standing ovation and immutable clapping from the whole hall.

A long-awaited desire of the community was also fulfilled by first announcing to submit nominations for the Pakistani Australian of the Year 2022’s most prestigious Award and after a tough voting fight declaring a great philanthropist and community member “Faheem Rashidi” who has a long history of selfless services won the award. PAA and the organising team got an amazingly positive response for holding such a transparent and well-respected award.

The High Commissioner of Pakistan H.E. Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri briefly talked about the Pakistan's independence history and appreciates development of Pakistan in different fields. He said that our Community is playing active Role for developing Pakistan Australia relationship. The High Commissioner of Pakistan H.E. Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri thanks Pakistan Association for arranging Independence Day Celebration in Sydney. He Congratulates PAA team for inviting and presenting awards to all Previous President of Association since 50 years.

Consul General: Muhammad Ashraf

The Consul General in Sydney Muhammad Ashraf expressed his great pleasure and congratulated the President of the Association for organising such an impressive and well-organised event. He expressed satisfaction over the performance of his consulate and how it has served during Covid-19 and wishes to continue in future.

President PAA Mr. Farhat Jaffri

President PAA Mr. Farhat Jaffri requested all his team members to come on the stage and acknowledge their great support and continuous hard work behind the success of all past and future events.

Mr. Hamid Saroha

The General Secretary of Pakistan Association of Australia Mr. Hamid Saroha appreciated positive Role of Australian Pakistani Community and glad to say that Community is united and always ready to any service to our country Pakistan.

MC; Sahar Zeeshan

MC of the event Sahar Zeeshan Khan requested all to enjoy a very scrumptious dinner.

Hafiz Imran Khan

Pakistan Association of Australia's Independence Day event was starts with Quran Reciting by Hafiz Imran Khan,

Manzar Mirza

 Later Manzar Mirza presented Song on Pakistan,

Syed Najeeb Hassan

Syed Najeeb Hassan talks about the efforts, future plans and activities of the Pakistan Association of Australia and request to join as member for increasing the circle of PAA towards making more better soft image of Pakistan in Australia and Worldwide.

Shafqat Ali

Shafqat Ali talked about the youth activities, expectation & PAA guidance for youngest.

Abbas Rana

Later, a specially designed and developed caked for the event was cut by Abbas Rana, Patron in Chief of the Association and other special guests
The event ended with prayers for the Pakistani community in Australia and other parts of the world.

H.E. Mr. Zahid Hafez Chaudhri and Dr Sabina Zahid

Dr Ali Sarfraz and Dr G A Khan

DCG Mr. Sheryar Khan and Khalid Saroha

Dr Khurram Kayani and Manzar Mirza

Hanif Bismi and Syed Javed Hussain

Farah Shahood and Mehreen Javed

H.E. Mr. Zahid Hafez Chaudhri

President PAA Mr. Farhat Jaffri

President PAA Mr. Farhat Jaffri and Mr Abbas Rana

Mr. Hamid Saroha (General Secretary PAA)

Syed Najeeb Hassan and Sahar Zeeshan

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