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New South Wales Minister Hon. Ray Williams

Pakistan Association of Australia organises Azadi Mela 2017 at Orion Centre Campsie Sydney

Pakistan Association of Australia has gradually reshaped itself in the previous year and has emerged as a team. This team includes a group of qualified, passionate and dedicated people willing to experiment with new and challenging ideas that have never been tested before. Where it is amalgamating all of the diverse Pakistani cultures into its fold, it is also adopting the message of Quaid e Azad stated as following;
“You are free to go to your Mosques. You are free to go to your Temples. Or to any other places of your worship in the State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion, caste or creed – that has nothing to do the business of the State.”

There was no better day but the Pakistan’s Independence Day, reiterating the sayings of Founder of Pakistan and furthermore strengthening his vision. Pakistan Association of Australia organised an event to bring all communities, cultures, languages and religions together under one roof from Pakistan, here in Australia.

Nadeem Raza Sarwar

The event of Sunday, 13th August 2017,started with a recitation from the Holy Quran by Qari Rehman followed by a Hamd e bari tala by Syed Nadeem Raza Sarwar.

Ashraf Chohan

 Ashraf Chohan - General Secretary of the Association took the responsibility

Raja Taseer

of the MC with Raja Taseer. He inaugurated the function with a short speech.

Mehreen Javed

 Mehreen Javed who is a famous singer and National Anthem singer added many new fans to her fan club by singing

Shagufta Zia

Pakistani and Australian National Anthems with great zeal and zest. Contiguous to that Shagufta Zia who is a celebrated singer from Pakistan sang a beautiful soulful song. A video comprised of a National Anthem from Ami Gill representing Christian Community was played and won appreciation from all. Nadeem Sarwar is one of the most well-known personalities in Australia as being a blessed Islamic reciter, his new video got tremendous amounts of appraisal from the audience.

Later on, the Association played its main video covering Pakistanis who have brought great respect and honour for Pakistan in the last few decades. This video gave a great glimpse of Pakistan to those who were not well known to all and more that the country has to offer. It beautifully captured Pakistan in five minutes.

Standing with Quid’s dream of One Nation with one flag, Pakistan Association of Australia organised an Azadi Mela (Independence Day Festival) at Orion Centre, Campsie Sydney. As most of Pakistani families are comprised of six to eight members, it becomes a challenging fete for a family to spend a lot of money just on buying tickets to attend a function. Keeping this fact in mind President PAA Abbas Rana took a bold step and welcomed everyone to attend the event without having to pay an entry fee. This step was widely appreciated and applauded upon by multiple families and they joined in large numbers to show solidarity with Pakistan and were thoroughly entertained.

Minister Hon. Ray Williams

The function was graced with the presence of Hon Ray Williams Minister for Multiculturalism representing Premier of New South Wales,

Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane

Honourable Shaoquett Moselmane MLC,

Hon. Jihad Dib

Member of Lakemba Honourable Jihad Dib,

Hon.Dr Geoff Lee

 Hon Dr Geoff Lee MP of Parramatta,

Hon. Sophie Cotsis

Hon Sophie Cotsis MP for Canterbury,

Hon. Julie Owens

Hon Julie Owens MP Federal Member for Parramatta,

Abdul Majid Yousfani

 Consul General of Pakistan Abdul Majid Yousfani, Counsellor of Pakistan Consulate Sydney Bushra Salam, Mr Zafar Hussain of Sada-e-Watan, Former Federal MP Laurie Ferguson, Famous Islamic Reciter Syed Nadeem Raza Sarwar, Pak U19 Hockey Team, President PABC Iftikhar Rana and other dignitaries.

Abbas Rana

Mr. Abbas Rana President Pakistan Association of Australia welcomed all guests and explained his future plans for community services. He went into huge detail, explaining the new positive and progressive steps he and his team are taking to further facilitate the Pakistani community. A fully functional furnished association office is also one of the new additions. Changes in the constitution and opening of association membership around the year and a new world class website are few of the salient achievements of the association under his leadership.
Quaid “Islam expect every Muslim to do his duty, and if we realise our responsibility time will come soon when we shall justify ourselves worthy of a glorious past.”

President Abbas Rana attributed this Azadi Mela to Dr. Ruth Pafu for her great contributions for Pakistan community, a decision applauded by everyone. A special video on the life and achievements of Dr. Ruth was also played at the venue.

Speaking on the occasion, Abdul Majid Yousafani – Consul General Pakistan presented facts and figures to the audience about Pakistan. Parts of this information detailed how the country has great opportunities present as an investment destination. He recognised the fact that there are still many challenges Pakistan as a whole is facing and fighting at the moment. All guest speakers shared their positive vision of Pakistan and appreciated PAA’s effort as an Umbrella association for being a catalyst in brining Pakistan and Australia closer and serving as a great bridge.
Quaid “No Nation can ever be worthy of its existence that can not take its women along with the men. No struggle can ever succeed without women participating side by side. There are two powers in the world, one is sword and the other is the pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two. There is a third power stronger than both, that is the women.”

Shafaq Jafri then gathered a lot of respect through her untiring efforts and work for the betterment of women. She apart from being a well-known personality in Pakistan, has been continuously  working hard for all of the Pakistani women present in Australia. As Pakistan Association already took a gallant step of appreciating Professionals and HSC Students who secured over 90% marks, this time they went a step further and recognised the untiring efforts and contributions of women. It was observed that most of Pakistani events and functions are dominated by male presence. PAA’s President took a big step by acknowledging the contributions of Shafaq Jafri and awarded outstanding females who have been credited to bringing success to all of Pakistani women here in Australia.

Quaid “Come forward and organise the people economically, socially, educationally and politically and I am sure that you will be a power that will be accepted by everybody.”
Australia has become the new heaven, which hosts the talented and skilled Pakistani population. Whereas, a few decades back this heaven used to be known as US and UK. There was a need to mobilise and unite this great asset of Pakistan and bring it all into the umbrella of PAA. President Abbas Rana gave this task to Dr. Khurram Kayani who shares an excellent profile and has acquired a doctorate from University of Macquarie. He has experience of both running a large business and working in National and Multinational corporations in Pakistan and Australia. He in no time established a great platform under the title of Pakistani Professionals and Business Entrepreneurs Syndicate Australia, which has been joined by Professionals and Business Entrepreneurs having full trust in his abilities. Taking benefit of this auspicious occasion President PAA recognised the Syndicate through its constitution as a Wing and endorsed Dr. Kayani as its Chief Executive. Dr. Kayani announced the organisations first Mega Conference on Impact of IT on the Marketing and emergence of Social Media as a new powerful channel. This conference will not only play a pivotal role in uplifting the image of Pakistan but also provide a great source of contemporary information and education to our youth and professionals.
Quaid “My Message to you all is of hope, courage, and confidence. Let us mobilize all our resources in a systematic and organised way and tackle the grave issues that confront us with grim determination and discipline worthy of a great nation.”

Arslan Khan

Arslan Khan made a nice speech about his objectives and mission as being standing in the upcoming elections from South Granville Ward.

Ms Sharmyn Kayani

Sharmyn Kayani took the stage as MC and invited all Hockey Players to be awarded by Consul General Abdul Majid Yousfani, Counsellor of Pakistan Consulate Sydney Bushra Salam, Honourable Shaoquett Moselmane and other Members of Parliament.

During the stay of U18 Hockey team, many people came forward and out rightly supported them, started with Rana Abbas who introduced the Pakistani community about their presence. Sohail Rizvi with his wife Zainab took great care of the young boys throughout the event. Pakistan Association took a highly appreciable step by collecting money to be gifted to the team. Munir Khan, Rana IJaz, Student Biryani, Sohail Jafri of Canberra, etc, came forward and contributed to the respectable amount for the team so they could buy gifts for their respective families. He specially thanked all stall holders who reposed full confidence in the Association and provided great entertainment and meals for the attendees.

President PAA in his speech reiterated the fact that this function was not possible without the support of sponsors namely; Group 5 Security, Wave Ltd, Elite Accountants, L J Hooker Ingleburn, Silver Smash, Hum Watan, Sada e Watan, Juris Australia Lawyers, Ribita Magazine, Diamond Protection, Easylink Finance, MIC Lawyers, Himalaya Restaurant, Security Integrated Shutters, SIS Security and ASM International.
Event ended on a high note and received many prayers for the solidarity and stability of Pakistan.


The Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane MLC.
Opposition Whip
Parliament of New South Wales


• Acknowledgments:
o Mr Abbas Rana President
o Consul-General Abdul Majid Yousfani
o Deputy Consul Mrs Bushra Salam and Mr Ahmed Ali Raza
o Many community and business leaders, one and all

• Independency Day Pakistan – celebrate the struggles and achievements of the people of Pakistan led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah
o Creating the world’s first Islamic Republic

• Today is an opportunity for our wider Australian community to celebrate with the Australian-Pakistani community
o Sharing its rich cultural heritage

• Pakistan is a truly beautiful country enriched by history, culture.
• Driven by a people’s aspiration for progress

• Pakistan has had more than its fair share of natural disasters and ongoing conflicts but the will to overcome such adversities never waver

• The will for prosperity and peace with its neighbours continues and it must continue for the sake of millions and many generations to come

• I am proud of Pakistan for maintaining a peaceful relationship with India

• I am proud of Pakistan’s developing relationship and greater ties with China

• I am particularly proud of Pakistan as a government and a people when it refused to enter the deadly war on Yemen

• I am certainly proud of my association with the Australian Pakistani community and with the support of that community we have delivered wheelchairs to the needy to Al-Khidmat Foundation and to the Edhi Foundation.

• I will never forget the day I sat side by side with the late Abdul Sattar Edhi, a wonderful man.

• may he rest in peace.

• I am proud of my association with:
o Pakistan Association
o Pakistan Business Council
o Australia Pakistan Medical Association
o The Pakistani High Commission and the Pakistani Consulate Sydney
o Pakistani Media and in particular with Zafar Hussain's’ Sada-e-Watan

• I am proud to be your friend

• Happy Independence Day

• Before I conclude, please join me by standing up for one minute of silence for the late Abdul Sattar Edhi.

• Pakistan Zindabad!


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