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Pakistan Australia Business Council Fundraising Dinner for Pakistan Flood assistance

Pakistan Australia Business Council (PABC) arranged a Fundraising dinner in Sydney for the Pakistan Flood Emergency Appeal.

Transcript Speech of President PABC Mr. Iftikhar Rana

Mr. Iftikhar Rana (President PABC)

All Respected Friends, Minister, Pakistani Diplomates and Members of the Parliament,

Assalam Alaikum and a very warm Good Evening.

It is a matter of immense happiness for me to welcome all of you today for this auspicious occasion. Your presence affirms the feelings of Australian and of our community that they always stand behind humanitarian causes and do whatever they can for helping the needy at critical times. This has been so demonstrated on various occasions when natural disasters put Pakistan in vulnerable position, be it due to earthquakes or floods or other disasters displaying people.

All of us have always responded to needs of our brethren and sisters and particularly children back home and all of us have always risen to the occasion. We are just in the process of sending wheelchairs for children with disability in Pakistan, a mission close to the heart of MLC Hon Shaoquett Moselmane, myself and all of you. All of us got together with Australian politicians including Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane, MLC and  Hon. Dr Geoff Lee Minister for Corrections, Hon Lynda Voltz MP Auburn,  Hon Tania Mihailuk MP Bankstown, Hon. Jihad Dib - Shadow Minister for Energy & Climate Change, MP Lakemba NSW for contributing whatever we could to the destructive flood of 2010 also
This time , nature struck again with vengeance, a flood of epic proportion , ten times more devastating than 2010 , with one third of the country submerged and 33 million people affected by the floods in need of safety help , food and clothing and shelter fighting for mere survival. Imagine this number : 33 million !!! It is more than the total population of Australia.

I do not wish to go into statistics and at this stage do fault findings. Suffice to say that this calamity is due to a mixture of climate change brought about by major industrial countries and effecting a country which apart from the polar regions, have the largest number of glaciers in the world. Our internal misgovernance no doubt also contributed to this.

We missed our chance to build infrastructure and dams but as I said, this is no time to raise fingers as the worst unfortunately is not over. It will take months for the water to dry up . The immense loss o agriculture and food security is unimaginable as compared to the over $ 12 billion loss to the economy. I fear the disasters that will be caused by disease and malnutrition that will follow and we must also help alleviate it. The Pakistan Australia Business Council will also be at he forefront for this with he cooperation of all of you.

In this dark moment, however, there is a hope because of people like all of you who are present here and people like you all over the world. Many countries including Australia and organisations like the UN have taken cognizance of the situation and provided generous help and aid. Many individuals of various nationalities as well as Pakistani expatriates all over the world are contributing generously It is this coming together of humanity that is a silver line in this dark tunnel. It is people like you who contribute generously for the destitute and helpless persons that gives hopes to all of us and to our country.

I know I need not urge you to contribute whatever you wish to and can afford because I know you will. Your presence confirms his . Whatever you pay will go directly to the poor and needy without any administrative cost. You know from our long relations that we do not waste any money in admin cost and all your contributions will reach the needy in Pakistan. Many other people and organisations are also collecting funds for this good work. I thank them also for doing so, as the scope of disaster and help required is so immense hat we all have to join hands to serve our mother country.

I thank all of you for your love for Pakistan and your help to the needy in Pakistan. I specially would like to thank Honourable Shaoquett Moselmane and all dignitaries for their presence and continued support to Pakistan.

May God save Pakistan from further calamities.

Australia Zindabad   Pakistan Zindabad

Minister Hon. Dr Geoff Lee, MP

Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane, MLC

Hon Lynda Voltz, MP

Hon Tania Mihailuk, MP

Hon. Jihad Dib, MP

MC; Ashraf Chohan

Mr. Iftikhar Rana (President PABC)

Mr. Sheryar Khan

Mr. Farhat Jaffri

Haji Shabbir Iqbal

Mr. Latif Chaudhry

Hon Lynda Voltz,MP and Deputy Consul General Mr. Sheryar Khan

Hon Lynda Voltz,MP, Syed Zafar Hussain and  Mr. Sheryar Khan

President PAA Farhat Jaffri and G Secretary Hamid Saroha

Haji Shabbir Iqbal, Amir Riaz and Chaudhry Nazim Khan

Syed Zafar Hussain, Rehan Alavi of SBS and Iftikhar Rana

Syed Zafar Hussain, Farhat Jaffri and Zahid Rana

Famous Pakistani Signer Ustad Rafaqat Ali Khan Performing Live 

Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane, Minister Hon. Dr Geoff Lee, MP and Iftikhar Rana

Hon. Jihad Dib, Hon Lynda Voltz , Syed Zafar Hussain and Mr. Sheryar Khan


Mr. Sheryar Khan, Hon Tania Mihailuk, MP and Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane

President PABC Mr Iftikhar Rana and Mr Zahid Rana

Editor-in-Chief Sada-e-Watan Syed Zafar Hussain and Rehan Alavi of SBS (Urdu)

Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane, MLC

Mr. Iftikhar Rana (President PABC)

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