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Pakistani Student Umar Akbar

High Commissioner H.E.Abdul Malik Abdullah and Consul General Abdul Aziz Uqaili Providing  Immediately Guidance & Assistance to the young Pakistani Student who is in Series Crises and need urgent Medical  Treatment

Sydney - 1 March 2014: Arsalan Umar Akbar a young Pakistani student, who has been studying in Australia on a valid student visa since February 2013, had been crippled because of sudden pain in his back, due to which he was confined to bed. Umair was initially admitted in King's Own Institute, Central Town Hall Sydney, but subsequently sought valid transfer to Australian Vocational Language Centre (AVLC), Parramatta.

As per entitlement to part time work, he was also working one Petrol Station of Sutherland, Sydney when he suddenly developed a pain in his back, which severely deteriorated and his movements were restricted. He visited the Auburn General Hospital but the authorities informed him that his medical insurance cover by Australian Health Management (AHM) Company was limited to accidental emergencies and that his instant ailment was not medically covered. Hence, he and his family were in immense pain and agony.

On receiving the news from a senior Pakistani journalist, Syed Zafar Hussain Shah of Sada-e-Watan through email early morning, Mr. Abdul Aziz Uqaili, Consul General of Pakistan in Sydney, immediately contacted Arsalan Umer and sent an official of the Pakistan Consulate to his home in Auburn to inquire about his health and to ascertain the assistance he needs.

The Consul General has contacted the insurance company and is negotiating with them to extend maximum health cover to Arsalan. Meanwhile, Hafiz Shahid Iqbal, President of Pakistan Association Australia Sydney, has been requested to assist the student. Mr. Uqaili and Mr. Iqbal have already coordinated with Arsalan and made necessary arrangements for conducting all required medical tests, including MRI, and specialist consultations completed on Monday, 3 March 2014. Thereafter, further strategy will be chalked out for the health care of the crippled Pakistani student.

The Consul General has also spoken to Mr. Akbar Ali, the father of Arsalan, and Arsalan's brother Zain Ali, in Lahore Pakistan, and briefed him about the assistance being extended to Arsalan in Australia by the Consulate General and with the assistance of the Pakistan Association. Mr. Ali has been assured that he and his family should not feel alone, as the whole Pakistani community in Australia was here to help their beloved Arsalan. They were also informed that High Commissioner of Pakistan in Canberra, HE Mr. Abdul Malik Abdullah, was himself supervising all the assistance being provided to Arsalan.


Mr. Zafar Hussain read this news in Daily "Express" and for Assistance Contacted Pakistan High Commission, Consulate and Community Leaders

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