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                                                                                                                                                            Date: 26 March 2014,

Subject: Crippled / Paralysed Pakistani Student Arsalan Umair Akbar Repatriated to Pakistan by the Consulate General / Government of Pakistan.

The crippled / paralysed Pakistani student, Arsalan Umair, who had been admitted in Shellharbour Hospital Wollongong, was discharged from the hospital on 7 March 2014 and shifted to his accommodation in Auburn (Sydney). The doctors had opined that if he took prescribed medicines on time and undergone regular physiotherapy, he could recover completely in next few months. He was also advised to take complete rest and not to work until he fully recovers.

Since Arsalan was on a student visa he was earning his livelihood in Australia, by working part time. After being crippled, it had become very difficult and expensive for him to sustain and survive in Australia. Although the Consulate had ensured through the insurance company, Pakistan Association of Australia and Pakistani doctors in Sydney that all medical charges of Arsalan were taken care of, his father Mr. Akbar Ali from Lahore approached this Mission to repatriate him to Pakistan on state expense.

Thus, the Consulate General Sydney repatriated Arsalan Umair back to Lahore Pakistan on 15 March 2014. Today, on inquiry from this Mission, father of Arsalan informed that he was getting medicines and undergoing physiotherapy in Lahore and was improving albeit slowly.


Abdul Aziz Uqaili
Consul General and Trade Minister


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