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Dr. Mehreen Faruqi

NSW Parliament Passes motion to congratulate Australia-Pakistan Medical Association

1870. Dr Faruqi to move—

1. That this House notes that:

(a) the Australia-Pakistan Medical Association is a group of doctors of Pakistani origin who guide and assist health professionals from Pakistan to start their career in Australia and serve their communities throughout regional and metropolitan New South Wales,

(b) the Australia-Pakistan Medical Association is an independent not-for-profit organisation

that is non-political and non-religious, and

(c) on 18 May 2014 the Australia Pakistan Medical Association hosted their annual event to acknowledge and recognise many dedicated Pakistani-Australian medical professionals who have been serving their communities for many years.

2. That this House congratulates the Australia-Pakistani Medical Association and their members for their important work.

(Notice given 28 May 2014—expires Notice Paper No. 220)


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