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“Visionaries” panel won the PTI election by obtaining 516 votes and Mr. Waqas Bashir elected President
(Report to Sada-e-Watan by Zahid Iqbal, Information Secretary PTI NSW)

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf New South Wales went through 4th Intra-Party elections for the term of 2016-2018 on 13th December. It was a panel based elections; two panels "Tabdeeli Hum Se" and "Visionaries" contested for four roles (President, Vice President, General Secretary and Information Secretary). Total 972 out of 1009 PTI members used their right to vote. Tabdeeli Hum Se Panel contested election in leadership of Mr. Ahsan Rana while Visionaries Panel was being led by Mr. Waqas Bashir.

A list of eligible voters was published by Election commission on 16-Nov-2016. Voting started at 09:00AM on Tuesday, 13th December2016. Members were required to send a text message from their registered mobile number to PTI NSW's Election Commission Official mobile number. Participating voters received SMS confirmation acknowledgement of their vote, panel's name it was counted for and total number of votes associated with the registered number. Polling finished at 09:00 AM on Wednesday, 14th December2016.

Upon finishing the voting time; Mr. Asim Khan (member of Election Commission for PTI NSW) made an official announcement of result (by sending email to members of both panels), same notification was published on website.

As per the notification “Visionaries” panel won the election by obtaining 516 votes while “Tabdeeli Hum Se” panel remain runner up by obtaining 456 votes. Total 37 voters did not use their right to vote.

Contestants from both panels greeted each other and thanked their supporters and voters using social media and other communication means. It is the spirit of both panel, their supporters and all members due to which this democratic process flourished with more enthusiasm.

On behalf of elected team; we pay special thanks to PTI NSW election commission, all members, voters and supporters of both Panels and their families for taking interest in this election process and made it another success story of PTI in Australia and Pakistan. The Role of election commission by doing their efforts to keep this election smooth and seamless, is really highly appreciated and without their hard work it was never possible to have such smooth elections.

Through Pak Media, we would like to say that in this election PTI NSW and every well-wisher of Pakistan and PTI has won this election. Congratulations to all involved.New elected President PTI NSW Mr. Waqas Bashir announced that to deliver our first promise of extending our team on merit. We are happy to announce that we are extending our working team and all members are encouraged to step forward and apply for roles matching their areas of interest and qualification/experience. You can apply for the roles using the application form available via this link  Please note that last day of the application submission is 29th December 2016. PTI NSW will announce soon full schedule for all upcoming events of year 2017.

New Elected Team of PTI NSW (2016-2018)


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