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Qavi Khan and Anjum Ayaz

Legendary TV Artist Qavi Khan and Anjum Ayaz arrived in Sydney

On the morning of Tuesday, 02 March 2016, Legendary TV Artist Qavi Khan and Anjum Ayaz has arrived in Sydney. Javed Nazar of Koocha-e-Saqafat Australia is arranging historical evening on Saturday, 05th March 2016 at Strathfield Town Hall Sydney where 3 Great TV Artist Uzma Gilani, Anjum Ayaz and Qavi Khan together will perform live on stage. Limited seats (including dinner) still available. For further information, Please contact: 0433 243 223 or 0468 854 335


Actor Qavi Khan-A journey of great Success | SBS Your Language

One of the veterans of the Pakistani media industry, Qavi Khan is coming to Australia and appearing in stage show in Sydney. Qavi has acted in over 200 movies and has performed in countless different TV roles. He is a living legend and has enjoyed success on almost all levels. Qavi is shedding light on his long career and sharing his experiences of his unforgettable roles.


Anjum Ayaz-An artist with passion | SBS Your Language

Anjum Ayaz is an internationally renowned Pakistani artist of sculptor, paintings and calligraphy. He is also an actor has given theatrical performances in Pakistan, India and Australia on classical Urdu literature. His pieces of sculptures will be exhibited during Rockdale Art Festival in King Street mall from 9-24 Apr. He is also directing a play to stage in Sydney based on bold Urdu writer Saadat Hasan Manto.


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