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Mr. Rab Nawaz

Transcript Speech of Mr. Rab Nawaz, Coordinator of Australian Forum for Kashmir (AFK)

On Thursday, 27th  October 2022, the Australian Forum for Kashmir (AFK) and Pakistan Consulate General in Sydney jointly arranged a “Kashmir Black Day” event at Granville Community Centre. We will give full coverage of Seminar and photos shortly.

Mr. Rab Nawaz speaking at the Seminar on Kashmir

Transcript Speech of Mr. Rab Nawaz, Coordinator of Australian Forum for Kashmir (AFK)

Asslamu Alaikum,

Distinguished participants, respected speakers, leaders and members of various organisations, friends, and families, on the behalf of Australian Forum for Kashmir and Consulate General & Trade Commission of Pakistan, Sydney and being a Kashmiri I would like to convey to all of you participating in this seminar my heartfelt welcome. Your strong support and active participation have made this event possible. It is my great pleasure and honour to welcome you all in this seminar. Today this seminar on Kashmir Black Day is organised by Australian Forum for Kashmir with the collaboration Consulate General & Trade Commission of Pakistan, Sydney.

I have special welcome remarks to Hon Ms Lee Rihannon Ex-Senator, Sheikh Shady AL Suleiman President ANIC, Mr Keysar Trad CEO AFIC, Mr Usaid Khalil General Secretary IFAM, Haji Nasib Muhammad President IAWSS, and Reverend Dr. Patrick McInerney, Director of the Columban Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations.

On this Day 75 years ago, a great Tragedy happened in South Asia. When 390 million people of Indian Subcontinent became the Citizens of 2 newly created Democracies, yes when 390 million people, but tragically 4 Million of their own Brothers and sisters became enslaved by a new colonial power, India.

India invaded Jammu and Kashmir and Indian forces entered Srinagar on Monday 27 October 1947. India occupied Jammu and Kashmir is total Violation of the Partition Plan of the Subcontinent and against the Aspirations of 4 Million Kashmiris.

It was a Black Day for Kashmiris and it is a Black Day for the World and it's a Black Day for you and for me as well. Many wars being fought over the Issue of Kashmir and the People of Kashmir are protesting and running a Freedom Movement for more than 7 Decades.

Hundreds of Thousands of innocent Men, Women and Children have lost their lives in Kashmir during the 75 Long Years of Occupation of Kashmir. I Urge All Australians to Support the People of Kashmir in the Long Struggle for Freedom.

I Urge our Australian Politicians and our Australian Government to VOICE their Support for the Right of Self Determination of the People of Kashmir ...

Today is the Black Day of the Occupation of Kashmir. Let's Get United and Show our Support for the People of Kashmir. The Australian Forum for Kashmir will continue its struggle and The Day is not far when we will Get Together and Celebrate the Day - Day of Freedom for Kashmiris, Insha Allah.

I express my special thanks to Muhammad Ashraf, Consulate General & Trade Commission of Pakistan, Sydney for always taking initiatives and supporting Kashmiri people in their struggle of self-determination. I also want to thank to members of Islamic Forum for Australian Muslims and the staff of Pakistan Consulate General who have worked hard to organise this program.

I once again thank all attendees for attending this program and for all your support for the Cause of the Freedom of People of Kashmir.

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