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Iftikhar Rana President of PABC and PAC met with Shahbaz Sharif Chief Minister of Punjab during the First Overseas Conference in Lahore, 2014

The President Pakistan Council and PABC Mr Iftikhar Rana along with Mr. Ahsan Khan, Mr. Ejaz Rana, Mr.Arshid and Tahir Rana were formally introduced to Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister of Punjab on the 28th of April 2014. The meeting was held to discuss the issues overseas Pakistaniís are facing in Pakistan and Australia.

Mr. Rana suggested the Chief Minister to introduce Islamic bonds to overseas Pakistanisí who are willing to invest in Pakistan and that bond will be beneficial to Pakistan. He also suggested the introduction of an Islamic product available t to overseas Pakistani, as overseas Pakistaniís prefer to invest in Islamic products and feel more confident about Islamic products. They also talked about the current situations and how to improve them and turn them around to benefit and give advantage to Pakistan. The Chief Minister advised his ministry to note down the suggestion and work on it.

In the closing of the meeting, Mr. Rana formally and personally invited Mr. Shahbaz Sharif along with Nawaz Sharif to come visit Australia and meet the community living there. As Mr. Rana voiced his concern to the fact that they have been ignoring the wider community living in Australia and thus should come and visit

Mr Shahbaz Sharif assured Mr. Rana he will bring Mr Nawaz Sharif along with him to Australia in the near but distance future, sometime soon.


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