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Mayor of Rockdale City Council Mr. Bill Saravinovski hosted an Iftar dinner in Sydney

On Monday, 20th June 2016, The Mayor of Rockdale Council Bill Saravinovski hosted a Ramadan Iftar dinner at the Council hall. When 15 years ago, Shaoquett Moselmane was elected Mayor of Rockdale City Council, he started a new tradition every year for an “Iftar dinner” similar to a “Christmas Party.” Since then, every Mayor has followed the tradition and hosted an “Ramadan Iftar dinner”.

This year Mayor of Rockdale  Bill Saravinovski arranged Iftar dinner which was attended by former Consul General of Pakistan Mr. Azam Mohammed, His Eminence Sheikh Yousuf, Resident Alim of Masjid Arrahman, Kingsgrove Sydney, Councillors, Scholars, few Media Personalities, Businessmen, Social Workers and Local Community leaders. Everyone enjoyed the dinner and spoke about Interfaith Harmony, Peace and Tolerance.

Councillor Joe Awada was MC of the evening; he invites Mayor of Rockdale City Council Bill Saravinovski who welcomes all guests and said our council is Multicultural Australian where everyone respect other person’s faith, religious, culture and values. Mayor appreciates positive role of Former First Muslim Mayor of Rockdale City Council - Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane who is local residence and member of upper house MLC. He also presented appreciating Certificate to the Honourable Shaoquett who thanks council for doing a great service for all residence.

His Eminence Sheikh Yousuf, Resident Alim of Masjid Arrahman, Kingsgrove Sydney thanks Mayor for arranging a wonderful Iftar dinner. Sheikh Yousuf said that Islam is never allowing for terrorism or kill innocent people. His Eminence Sheikh Yousuf said majority of Muslim people are good, they respects rules of Islam and law of the residence country.

Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane's speech:

AOA and Good evening everyone,Thank you Clr Awada,

I Acknowledge traditional owners of the Land and pay my respects to their elders past and present
My parliamentary Colleagues Steve Kamper Member for Rockdale and Hon. Linda Burney,Mayor Bill Saravinovski, and Councillors of Rockdale City Council, Cllr Awada, Cllr Barlow, Cllr Ibrahim and Clr Hanna, D Mayor Skanda Mayor Hassan Awada, Clr Ali Karnib, GM and Staff, Religious Leaders, Former Consul General of Pakistan Mr Azam Mohamed, President PABC Iftikhar Rana, Community Leaders Dr Gayath Al Shelh and Mohamed Mehio from ICPA, Alzahra Association, Future movement, Amal Movement, as well as, Iftikhar Rana, head of the Australia Pakistan Business Council, The Sydney South Welfare Centre Rockdale Mosque, Imam Sadeq School, Bint Jbeil Association, Banksia Tigers and others.

Media Representatives, Joe Khoury representing the Future Newspaper, Zafar Hussain of Sadaewatan, Mamdouh representing the observer, and Akram Mghawesh representing Alghorba
Brothers and sisters one and all,

Tonight we celebrate the Blessed month of Ramadan and once again we are reminded of our spiritual and humanitarian duties but also of our responsibilities as citizens of this great nation.. ..
Ramadan is a time of year where Australia’s Islamic community & Muslims around the world not only abstain from eating & drinking but importantly observe spirituality, humility and patience.
Ramadan is not only a month of sacrifice - it is also about spiritual renewal, social responsibility, thoughtful reflection and good deeds. Its focus on helping people who are less fortunate resonates with all Australians. In sum Ramadan is a time to give more to charity.

Ramadan is a time when we are urged to practise our humanity towards brothers and sisters in humanity. It is a time to recognise and practise goodness with our fellow human beings, showing sympathy for the plight of those who may be suffering or in need.

With more than 500,000 people of the Islamic faith across the nation our country is richer for it.
Whether from the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Pakistan, India or the subcontinent, China or Southeast Asia, Australian Muslims have not only contributed greatly to our society but are part and parcel of the wider Multicultural Multi -faith society.

I am proud that in Rockdale as it is in NSW and as it is in Australia, cultural and religious diversity is an important feature of our society that none of us shy away from. In fact I see it as empowering all of us to be who we are.

We are all Australians.
I thank Rockdale City Council for celebrating diversity. And I thank the councillors and staff for coming together to support our multicultural communities whether in celebration or in hard times. I thank them for their work in raising funds for the Victoria Bush fire appeal and for the Queensland Flood appeal. I thank them for their support to the Pakistan Flood appeal and for help the Palestinian Children appeal following Israel’s attack on Gaza. I take this opportunity to also welcome Palestinian representatives in our community.
We are blessed to live in this country and be part of this great country. Where you are respected and valued not only as a citizen but as a human being.


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