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 Mandi Wicks,Audio and Language Content Director


SBS will launch a new analogue and digital radio schedule on-air from 6am on Monday 29 April, 2013.

The new schedule includes programs in six new languages, more programming for language groups which have grown significantly and a new digital-only channel for 21 languages which will be available on digital television, online and mobile apps. 

For the first time SBS will deliver news and information in Malayalam, Dinka, Hmong, Pashto, Swahili and Tigrinya.

The program hours for some of SBS’s existing language programs such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi and Punjabi will increase substantially to cater for the growing number of people speaking those languages in Australia today.

SBS will continue producing content in all languages on the current schedule. The number of language programs increase from 68 to 74 and SBS will continue to be the most multilingual broadcaster in the world.

SBS Audio and Language Content Director Mandi Wicks said: “The revised schedule will enable SBS to better deliver on its Charter obligations by better servicing the largest communities with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, and offering more services to emerging high-needs communities.”

The new SBS Radio Schedule follows a comprehensive review undertaken in 2012 of the languages broadcast on the SBS analogue Radio Schedule to rebalance the languages broadcast with the multicultural make-up of today’s Australia. 

The last major review of the SBS Radio Schedule was more than 18 years ago in 1994, and during that time Australia’s demographics have changed significantly.

The relative size of some languages spoken has changed and new languages are being spoken in Australia as a result of changing migration patterns.

SBS’s review of the schedule was informed by the 2011 Census and included extensive community consultation around the criteria used to determine the number of hours allocated to each language group. 

There are many ways to access SBS Radio programs:·        

Analogue radio programs – AM/FM ·       

 Digital radio and digital television·        

Online live streaming·         Podcasts·        

SBS Your Language app for iPhone and Android·      

  On demand listening via online and mobile

SBS Radio Schedule


 Current Radio Schedule

One hour of programming on the analogue radio schedule (FM) on Sunday at 10am (also available on the NRN – National Radio Network).

New Radio Schedule

Two hours of programming on the analogue radio schedule (FM) on Wednesday and Sunday at 6pm.

The program is also available via:

       Digital TV (SBS Radio 2)

       Digital Radio (SBS Radio 2)

       Online at (live and catch up listening)

       iPhone and android app – SBS Your Language app (live and catch up)


       The SBS National Radio Network (NRN).


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Communications Specialist

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Marina Saggers,

Corporate Communications Specialist

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