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The Hon. Luke Foley, MP

The Hon. Luke Foley, Leader of opposition NSW Launches Election Campaign at the Sub-Continent Friends of Labor Annual Dinner in Sydney
(Coverage by: Amarinder Bajwa, Rajesh Kumar and Zafar Hussain)

Sub-Continent Friends of Labor (SCFOL) formally launched the NSW State Election campaign over a sumptuous dinner with Hon Luke Foley, Leader of the NSW ALP and Leader of the NSW Opposition and approximately 200 guests, State and Federal Parliamentarian Mayors and Councillors.

Union Leader Russ Collison

A number of Union Secretaries attended the SCFOL event including Mark Lennon President of Union NSW, Alex Classen Secretary RBTU, Graham Kelly Secretary, Australian Workers Union and Russ Collison.

The Hon Luke Foley, Leader of opposition NSW applauded the role of Sub Continental communities and emphasized the importance of the ethnic groups in multicultural Australia. He stressed upon standing for the Labor values, stronger growth and opportunities as well as fair and stronger multicultural Australia.

Hon Michelle Rowland

The Hon Michelle Rowland, MP Greenway represented The Hon Bill Shorten, Federal Leader of Opposition. Hon Ed Husic, Federal member for Chiefly, Hon Julie

Senator Lisa Singh

Owens Federal member for Parramatta, Hon Laurie Ferguson Federal Member for Werriwa and Tasmanian Senator Lisa Singh were the dignitaries.
State Shadow Treasurer Hon Michael Dailey, State Shadow Minister for Citizenship Hon Guy Zangari, Hon Sophie Cotsis MLC, Hon. Shaoquett Moselmane MLC and Hon Ernest Wong MLC.

Kaila Munain

Kaila Munain Assistant Secretary NSW ALP appreciates continues support of Ethnic Media to Labor Party and SCFOL for coordinating such an event every year in the last 5 years.

Mr Mark Lennon (President ALP NSW)

Mr Mark Lennon President of the Labor Party NSW and , President of Unions NSW highlighted the major issues related to sale of state assets, effect of job cuts on nurses and teachers as well as the rising cost of living on the families in NSW. Russ Collison in his address stressed upon Liberal Government not sells reserves of our natural gas. It will enhance the price for the Australian consumers he added. He then asks the guest to sign a petition.

Mr Amarinder Bajwa

General Secretary SCFOL Mr Amarinder Bajwa formally open the event and invited the President Dr Moninder Singh. Dr Singh highlighted the achievements of the group. He said that SCOFL played very effective roll to force Liberal Government to rollback amendments in Sec 18 and amendments in Parent Visa.

SCFOL launched a Women’s Wing to engage subcontinent females and contribute in the mainstream politics. This group will work closely with the steering committee of the SCFOL. Mrs Aruna Chandrala was nominated as the head of this newly formed women group. Mrs Chandrala then introduced her team.

Ejaz Khan

Ejaz Khan Vice President of the SCFOL introduced dignitaries and candidates including Mr Susai Benjamin and Ms Charishma Kaliyanda, both candidates are from us he said and we are proud of their selection. Among other candidates Jodi Mckay for Strathfield, Hugh McDermott for Prospect, Julia Finn for Granville, James Shaw for Parramatta, Emma Husar for Penrith, Todd Carney for Mulgoa, Anoulack for Macquarie Fields, Edmond Attala for Mt Druitt, Pure Carr, Jihad Dib, Ian Morison and Matt Ritchie. Clr Stephen Bali Mayor of Blacktown, Clr Khal Asfour former Mayor of Bankstown, Clr Charlie Lowels, Karl Saleh from Canterbury Council attended and supported the event.

Chief Guest The Hon. Luke Foley and President Dr. Moninder Singh

President SCFOL Dr. Moninder Singh thanked Balraj Sangha for his tireless efforts to ensure all guest are served well. President also thanked Balaji, Bhupinder, Pervaiz Khan, Kenrick Chea and Prabhjot Sandhu to ensure interaction between media and the Labor Parliamentarians.

Councillor Raj Datta

Senior member of the SCFOL Mr Raj Datta Councillor Strathfield City Council introduced the ethnic Media personalities that attended the dinner including Mr Pawan Luthra, Syed Zafar Hussain Shah, Raj Narajan, MP Singh, Parkash Chandra, Anuj Kulshrestha, Mahendra Lamsal, Abdullah Yousaf, Munir Mohammad, Gurwinder Kahlon, Rajit Khera, Faten El Dana OAM, Arti Banga and John Niven. He emphasized on the importance of the ethnic Media and thanked from their strong support.Mr. Jay Hosur delivered vote of Thanks.

The Hon. Luke Foley and Hugh McDermott Candidate for Prospect

Syed Zafar Hussain, Jihad Dib, Shaoquett Moselmane and Guy Zangari

Dr. Moninder Singh, Hon Michael Dailey MP and Syed Zafar Hussain

The Hon. Luke Foley, Leader of Opposition NSW

Clr Raj Datta,Amarinder Bajwa, President ALP NSW Mark Lennon and Talal Shah of Young Labor

The Hon. Luke Foley, MP and President Sub Continent Friends of Labor Dr. Moninder Singh

A Group Photo of Executive of Sub Continent Friends of Labor, Members of Parliament and Candidates


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