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Ashraf Shad, the phenomenal writer will launches four new books in Sydney on 14 June 2015

Ashraf Shad is described as a phenomenal writer by Zafar Qureshi, the senior US journalist of Pakistani origin and the Editor/Publisher of Pakistan Express, the New York based Pakistani Weekly. His comments are evident by his four new books to be launched on Sunday, 14 June, 2015 at 5 pm at at Amaroo 1, Hurtsville Entertainment Centre, MacMahon Street, Hurstville.

All four books are on different issues. The first book ‘Ahmad Faraz Baqalam Khud’ is on the creative process of Ahmed Faraz’s poetry, the second book, ‘Syasaten Kya Kya’, is the collection of interviews, the third is ‘Akhbar-e-Ishq’, the collection of his poetry while the fourth is the compilation of articles written on him by leading literary personalities and is titled as Ashraf Shad – Fun Aur Shakhsiet.

‘Syasaten Kya Kya’ also includes Ashraf’s interviews with Benazir Bhutto, President Gen. Ziaul Haq, Imran Khan, Altaf Hussain, Ataullah Mengal and many other Pakistani leaders.

The books were also recently launched: in a gathering organized by Karachi Press Club; in Abu Dhabi, in a function in the Pakistan embassy, hosted by H.E. Asif Durrani, the Pakistan ambassador in UAE; and also in Dubai, in an event arranged by Pakistan Association Dubai (PAD).
Ashraf Shad is an award winning novelist, short story writer, scriptwriter, academic, poet and a senior journalist. He has 12 published books on his credit, has worked with Australian film makers and taught Scriptwriting and Creativity courses in Dubai. He was the Head of Urdu Service of the SBS Radio Sydney and the Australian correspondent of the leading Pakistani daily Dawn.

He left Pakistan in 1980 and went into self-exile during Zia’s time. He has been a globe citizen since then and has been working as a journalist, in Australia (15 years), Brunei (2 years), UAE (8 years), Kuwait (2 years), Bahrain (3 years), New York (3 years) and in Pakistan (10 years). He did his M. A. with honours from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, by researching the Problems of Reporting on China (1992) and has a diploma in journalism from Budapest, Hungary, and the bachelor degree from Karachi University, Pakistan.

His peers and contemporaries including Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi, Ahmed Faraz, Shaukat Siddiqui, Mansha Yaad, Jigan Nath Azad, Femeeda Riaz,Amjad Islam Amjad, Shakkeel Adil Zadeh, Mehmood Sham and many others have lauded his literary accomplishments as a novelist, poet and short story writer.
He is also currently the subject of research in two Lahore universities.


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