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International Women's Day
Article about Business in Heels: by: Rabia Rasul
(Rabia Rasul is 13 years old Girl and currently in Year 9 at Mount St Benedict College Sydney)

 International Women’s Day is held on the 8th March, every year. This year on International Women’s Day I attended an event at Castle Hill RSL hosted by an organisation called Business in Heels, who is run by Evelyne Wilton who single handily organised this event. At this event there were many inspirational speakers including Mayor of the Hills Clr Dr Michelle Byrne, Deputy Mayor of the hills Clr Yvonne Keane, Reena Jethi who is part of the NSW Liberal Party and Cristina Talacko, the director of the Australia Brazil Chamber of Commerce.

These women all had their own stories to share about their experiences in male dominated professions. Their stories proved to me that women can get high profile jobs and can help the community in many ways that doesn’t always get recognised. They inspired me to use my strengths to do positive things in the local as well as global community. It was a new and interesting experience for me, an experience that I will remember for a long time and in many years to come.

International Women’s Day is held on the 8th March every year. It’s an event that is celebrated all over the world. Your probably reading this thinking, yeah, yeah we get it, it’s a day for “gender equality”. In reality it isn’t all about “gender equality”. International Women’s Day is about empowering women, recognising and celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women all across the globe. Empowerment of women only occurs on International Women’s Day and only women can empower other women, right?

Wrong, empowering women happens every day, because whether it’s that small boost of confidence or that one inspirational quote, it can always go a long way. No matter what anyone says men can empower women too. Something as simple as telling your wife, daughter, mother, sister or any woman in your life that you believe in them is empowering a woman. “I hope fathers and mother of little girls will look at them and say ‘Yes, women can’”- Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil. Be one of those people because “Women’s empowerment is not just a women’s issue, it’s a societal issue.”- Tim Hanstad CEO of American company Landesa.


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