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For the Promotion of Pakistan Exports, The World Bank held a Seminar at Serena hotel Islamabad

For increase Pakistan's Exports, the World Bank Seminar was held in Serena hotel, Islamabad attended by His Excellency Abdul Malik Abdullah High Commissioner of Pakistan Australia and Mr Iftikhar Rana President of PABC along with Mr. Azam Mohammed Executive Director General Ministry of Commerce and Trade .

On 5 October 2013 Azam Mohammed the Additional Secretary and Executive Director General was the chief guest at World Bank seminar held in Serena Hotel Islamabad.  Mr Rana accompanied Mr Azam in the ceremony. The World Bank also inverted the High Commissioner Abdul Malik Abdullah and Mr Rana for lunch, Mr. Azam distributed certificates followed by lunch.  Thus this event proved to be a good opportunity to meet the participants of the seminar and Pakistan Australia trade opportunities were discussed.

After lunch Mr Rana and H.E. Abdullah along with Mr.Azam Mohammed visited the Ministry of Commerce and Trade and discussed effective remedies to increase trade between Pakistan and Australia. HC Abdul Malik Abdullah and Mr Rana give some suggestions to improve the trade between Australia and Pakistan.

Mr Azam and his team thanked the High Commissioner Mr Malik and Mr Rana for coming and visiting the Ministry of Commerce.


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