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President of Pakistanís Programme for the Care of Highly Qualified Overseas Pakistanis

In line with its policy of facilitating  overseas Pakistanis  and enlisting their expertise and support for  development of Pakistan, the Government of Pakistan has expanded the scope of its existing  facility of PSDP Programme titled "Presidentís Programme for the Care of Highly Qualified Overseas Pakistanis" (PPQP).  The PPQP will aim at facilitating the high level professional expatriates in their placement in Pakistan through short to long term technical assistance in order to benefit from their expertise in areas of their specialization, in the public as well as in private sector of our country.  This programme seeks to offset to the possible extent, the negative impact of brain drain and prevalent global recession on our country by providing Highly Qualified Overseas Pakistanis access to job opportunities in Pakistan.


This programme will also help Pakistanís organizations/ institutions including production units in meeting their deficiencies in multiple areas of specialization including engineering, medicine/surgery, physical sciences, Energy, Nano-Technology, Bio-Science/Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Environment, Agriculture, Economics, Management, IT and other social sectors.

 The vision of President of Pakistan for this program, may please be perused at  ďĒ

The Highly Qualified Pakistanis ( HQoPs) are accordingly requested to please register with the Government of Pakistan at to become part of the National Talent Pool. For further details of this programme and its terms and conditions, please visit:


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