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Zia Mohyeddin

The Annual Program of Urdu International Australia with Zia Mohyeddin

Urdu International Australia, the representative organization of Sydney’s poets and writers, hosted the legendary actor and presenter Zia Mohyeddin in its annual program on 7 May, 2016 - a show that was regarded by many as the best ever literary performance by any Pakistani artist in Sydney.

Ashraf Shad

The program was houseful; many participants listened to Zia Mohyeddin standing in the back while many people couldn’t get the tickets for the packed show. Zia Mohyeddinn recited from the masterpieces of great Urdu writers and poets like Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Pitras Bukhari, Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi, Noom Meem Rashid and Ayub Khawar.

The audience gave standing ovation to 83 year-old-artist for his 2-hour-long uninterrupted performance.

Ashraf Shad, the Secretary of UIA, introduced Zia Mohyeddin and surprised the audience by revealing that Zia Mohyeddin was an earlier resident of Australia, lived in Sydney and Melbourne during 1953-54 and worked for ABC

Dr. S Haider

 National Radio. Dr. Shabbir Haider gave the welcome address.

Program Featured International Mushaira and Dance Performance by Jyoti Dixit

The second half of the program included ‘Poetry in Motion’ – a dance performance by Jyoti Dixit, and the international Mushaira, chaired by Khushbeer Singh Shaad, the famous poet from India. The leading Pakistani poets Dr. Baqar Raza and Musaddaq Lakhani were

Huma Mirza

the special guests while Huma Mirza compared the Mushaira. Earlier,

Tariq Mirza

Tariq Mirza presented the details of Urdu International Australia’s future programs.

Mohammad Ali Bukhari

Mohammad Ali Bukhari thanks the Audience. The other poets who recited their poetry included: Rehan Alavi, Ashraf Shad, Dr. Shabbir Haider, Kaneez Fatima Kiran, Shuja Atif, Nasim Haider, Arshad Saeed, Dr. Yasmeen Shad, Farhat Iqbal, Javed Nazar, Dr. Yasmeen Zaidi, Mohammad Ali Bukhari, Farogh Zaidi, Farida Lakhani and Tauqir Hasnain.

Mushaira - Reciting Poetry

Tauqir Hasnain

Farogh Zaidi

Shuja Atif

Farida Lakhani

Javed Nazar

Dr. Yasmeen Zaidi


Nasim Haider

Arshad Saeed

Dr. Yasmeen Shad

Rehan Alavi

Farhat Iqbal

Kaneez Fatima Kiran

Ashraf Shad

Dr. Shabbir Haider

Dr. Baqar Raza


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